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Makeup Tips For Younger Looking Skin

Remember when we were 17 and we wearing
makeup in order to look 21? Well, things have changed (at least for me). Today,
when I apply my daily makeup, there is only one thing I desire – to look
younger than I really am. When you start having those pesky wrinkles and dark
spots, caused by years and years of lounging in the sun + drinking too many martinis,
along with too many sleepless nights, bad food, 
skipping SPF and whatnot, it’s
time to make some changes. And if you are in this phase of your life when your
old beautifying rituals no longer seem to work, we are here to help with some
useful tips on
how to hide the years from
your face and enhance your natural beauty.

Choose Your Skin Care Products Wisely

Okay, technically, this is not a makeup tip.
However, I feel that I need to include this in the list because of the immense
importance it has when it comes to applying makeup. If you have flawless skin, very light to zero makeup will
be needed. With the proper skin care products, your skin will always be at its
best, hence there will be less imperfections to hide and you can probably get away
with just mascara, blush and a lip balm. So much time will be saved in the
morning! You know what that means? More snooze time!

Speaking of good skincare – have you already ditched the nasty chemicals out of your life? We hope you have, because we truly believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your heath in the name of beauty! 
If you are still not sure whether natural and organic products really work, we’ll let you try and see for yourself! 

Invest In A Good Primer

Ever notice your makeup gets stuck into the
fine and the not-so-fine lines? I know, I know – it’s sooo annoying! Thank god,
years ago, some makeup genius invented the primer! YAY for that incredible “invention”!

If you don’t have a primer at hand, you can
replace it with an additional layer of your favourite moisturizer – just make
sure you apply it evenly and please don’t spare the product. Priming will help
your concealer and foundation glide on smoothly + your makeup will stay longer.

Our moisture-locking ultra hydrating Hyaluronan Daily Crème delivers a radiant and visibly plump glow that’s ideal for skin that is lacking luster and prone to dryness, fine lines and/or dehydration. Because it’s formulated with Argan oil and Hyaluronic Acid, this exquisite daily use crème maintains hydration and moisture levels while also reducing visible signs of aging. The soothing powers of Aloe Vera leaf juice and Acai Pulp oil help to promote a healthy, fresh and radiant complexion so your skin will look its best, every day!

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Using BB Crèmes Over Foundations

I am one of those women with crow’s feet
around their eyes. My dermatologist says I should have used eye crèmes when I
was younger. I should’ve known better! But anyway, there’s no use crying over
spilled milk… Because of these fine lines, whenever I use foundations,
especially ones with thick consistency, by the middle of the day, it looks like
there has been an earthquake on my face! Seriously! The foundation creeps into
my fine lines and instead of hiding them, it accentuates them even more. Good
thing I discovered the 
heavenly makeup product called BB Crème! BB Crèmes provide
light to medium coverage and usually have thinner consistency compared to
foundations, hence are less likely to make your imperfections pop out. Did I
mention they also moisturize the skin, protect it from the sun and give your face super
nice, healthy glow? What not to love about them?!

La Mav Organic BB Crème is the ultimate multi-tasker and must have product for your makeup bag. Not only the perfect colour balancing makeup base, La Mav Organic BB Crème also provides an anti-ageing remedy and natural protection from the sun all whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. Reduce your daily makeup routine down to one highly effective product that is easy to apply, very affordable and free of harmful chemicals!

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Different Concealers For Different Purposes

As I got older, 
the dark circles under my eyes also became more prominent. Sad but true. Because of that, I’ve become a
Hi, I’m Liza, I’m a
I have probably tried everything on the market – from
drugstore brands to high-end, from concealer sticks to those in pots. It was
really difficult to find the perfect concealer that would cover my dark circles
andstay away from the wrinkles
around my eyes. 

After many years of trial and error, it turned out that just
like foundations, thicker concealers are more likely to accentuate your
wrinkles. The rule of thumb is, if the concealer is thick and pigmented enough
to cover a blemish that means it shouldn’t be used under your eyes. Purchase a
concealer with a thinner consistency just for the purpose of masking your under
eye area.


The Dark Lippies

Another unpleasant age-related change is the
thinning of the lips (inevitable as we get older). If you are a fan of dark
lipsticks, I am afraid 
you’ll have to say “bye-bye” to them. Why, you would
ask? First, because dark colours make your lips look thinner than they are and
second, because they draw attention to the fine lines around your mouth. To
make your lips appear plumper, choose a brighter pink or peachy shade then
layer on some lip gloss on top. 

Lip glosses and tinted lip treatments enhance the natural color of your lips and make them look fuller, by adding delicate shine and smoothing out the surface of the lips. 

La Mav Tinted Lip Treatments were created to fight the visible signs of aging on the area that is most prone to forming wrinkles: the lips. Packed with Bio-Active ingredients including: CoEnzyme Q10, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Oil, these little treatments (which come in three delightful shades: berry, nude and sheer pink) are bursting with anti-aging and moisturizing properties and are sure to keep your lips super hydrated and healthy!


Pick Your Shade

Don’t Contour – Highlight!

Kim Kardashian has made contouring the “in” thing and I must admit, it looks great on her. But, did you guys notice that when she doesn’t have makeup on, she looks almost 10 years younger?

If you’re already losing the plumpness of your cheeks, take it easy with the contouring. Instead, why don’t you try using a highlighter? Apply under your eyes, at the top of your cheeks, in the middle of your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, on your cupid’s bow, and lastly on your chin. I promise you’ll get an 
instant radiance boost and along with it, at least 5 years will “drop off” your face immediately!

it’s your turn – tell us, in the comments below, how you maintain your youthful
appearance? We are curious to know your beauty secrets!

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