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Tips & Tricks To Get The Best Of Your Eye Shadows

Does making
your eye shadows budge-proof seem like a lost cause? Are you annoyed about trying
everything to make them stay on all day, without losing the intensity of their
color, and still, nothing seems to work? Well, you are not the only one. Wearing
eye shadows can be a tricky, especially if you were “blessed” with 
combination/oily skin and one hour after applying eye shadows, they literally
disappear (pure magic, isn’t it?!). 

Nevertheless, just like any other problem,
this one has its solution. Let’s go through some basic tips to help you keep
the gorgeous pigment on your eyelids much longer.

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Use Base In Accordance With Your Skin

I am sure
that by mentioning the importance of applying primer I am not going to surprise
you at all. However,
picking the right
primer for your skin type is essential
not only to make the eye shadows
stay in place but also to get the best of their pigment.

Not all
cream-based eye primers are mattifying (unless the packaging says so), hence if
you have oily/combo skin it’s recommended to pay close attention to the label,
before spending money. For those of you who have very 
oily skin, a good option
is applying
 translucent mattifying powder all over the eye lid with a blending brush. Another alternative, that some makeup artists suggest, is using eye
pencil as a base and smudge it with your finger. Use eye pencil with
the color of your skin or with the same color as the eye shadows you are
going to apply. With this base your eye shadows will adhere with ease and will last till the end of the day.

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If you have dry skin, the usual problems are: you can’t get enough pigment or the colors fade too quickly. In order to avoid this apply some moisturizer or rich eye cream over the eye lid and allow it to be absorbed fully. Once your skin is prepared
you can create any look you desire. You’ll be surprised how rich and “durable” the pigment
will be.

Pick Your “Tools” 

Even the
best product won’t give you good results, if you don’t apply them with the
right tools. The market offers a variety of 
brushes for eye shadow application
and it’s up to you to pick the ones you’d like to use – after all, we all have
our preferences and “own secret makeup techniques”. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb is – 
dense brushes with soft bristles work better for building up color and distributing
it evenly. If your goal is to get the best of the pigment, go for a dense,
synthetic brush!

We, at La Mav, always chose synthetic bristles, because we know that “natural hair” equals animal-cruelty.
If you care about those who can’t
defeat themselves, choose cruelty-free!

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Set With A Facial Mist

The reason why
makeup artists and models swear by face mists is that they are your best ally
in maintaining the gorgeous look you’ve achieved in the morning throughout the
entire day.A few spritz
of face mist will set the eye shadows (and your makeup, in general) helping them settle into
the skin, for a more natural look. Apart from that, beauty mists hydrate
the skin and add a nice dewy finish that will illuminate your face and make it
look radiant and fresh.

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Try Wet Application

Some of you
might be aware of this technique, but for those of you, who are not – yes, you
can add water to your eye shadows! Water has “holding” abilities, hence makes
eye shadows adhere better. Besides that, it intensifies the color and makes it
look brighter. You can either damp your brush lightly or alternatively (if you
use loose eye shadows) put a tiny bit of the powder in the tap of the lid and
add a drop of water. Mix well and proceed with application. It might take you
some time to master this technique, but when you do, you’ll love the results.

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