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How To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

How To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

5 Effective Tricks To Brighten Your Eyes & Make Them Look Bigger

The thing
that most women desire, after juicy looking, plump lips, is having bigger eyes.
Sadly, not all of us were blessed with sexy eyes that can pierce through any
men’s heart. If you are a “proud owner” of teeny-tiny eyes (like me), don’t
feel bad! Makeup can solve every problem! Let’s see how to solve the “tiny eye” problem!

Highlighter The Inner Corner Of The

This makeup
trick is one of the most popular (you’ve already read/heard about it, I guess) but
we have to mention it, because it really works! As simple as it sounds,
applying light, slightly shimmery eyeshadows in the inner corner of the eyes
will make them pop immediately. Shimmer catches the light which contributes to
a brighter looking eye area. Makeup artists advise to apply both on the upper
and the lower eye lid, covering 1/3 of their area (start from the tear duct
moving towards the middle of the eye).

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Curl Your Lashes

mascara is not enough – you need to curl those beautiful lashes first! Curling
your lashes widens your eyes beautifully and the whole process takes less than
a minute! Don’t tell me you don’t have a spare minute, please..

Since our
goal is to curl the lashes, not crimp them, it’s important not to go crazy with
the eyelash curler – easy with the pressure, ladies!

Pro Tip:
Heat up the lash curler a bit, using your hair dryer, before curling your
lashes – the heat will help them keep their shape longer. Also, don’t forget
that mascara always goes after curling, not before!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Dark Colors

Most people
with small eyes tend to avoid using dark eyeshadows, because they think brown
and black shades will “shrink” their eyes even more. Not true. It’s all about the
right application technique.

brown/grayish color in the outer 1/3 of the eye lids and blending it well with a smudge brush will accentuate the natural beauty of your look and will make your eyes appear

with black/blown eyeliner is another option, but note that you have to take
into consideration the shape of your eyes first (I’ll prepare another post to
give you some guidance). Besides, you might
need some time to master the whole eyeliner application technique – it does take
some practice and loads of patience, so be prepared for trials and errors. Nevertheless, once you become a pro, you won’t regret the time spent.

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Concealer For Brighter Look

Even though
concealer is generally used for covering dark circles and imperfections, this
is not its only purpose. Applying concealer under the eyes (one that has shade
lighter than your natural skin color) will brighten the eye area and will make
you look more awake. The market offers a
great variety of concealers to choose from, but if your main goal is to
visually enlarge your eyes I would recommend getting an illuminating one (stay
away from shimmery products, though, because they draw too much attention to
the area around the eyes and it looks quite unnatural).

If you have matt
concealer at hand, you can highlight the brow bone with it, which will lift up
your brows, hence open your eyes.

Pro Tip: Always apply concealer by patting it
into the skin, instead of rubbing it, to ensure better absorption. This
application technique will allow it to set better, hence the product won’t
accentuate the fine lines around the eyes (which is something we all want to avoid).

Nude Lips Rock!

Nude lips are not for everyone, but if they look good on you – take advantage of that! When you “neutralize” the color of your lips, you draw more attention to the eyes, which automatically makes them pop. Apart from, why do you think most ladies pair the smoky eye with nude lips? Because the combo rocks! 

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