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How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

3 Ways To Make Your Lips Appear

Faking full, juicy
lips is a great way to look fabulous
youthful. Not all of us were born with Angelina Jolie/Kardashian sisters’ lips,
though. Nevertheless, there are simple things we can do to add some “oomph” to
our lippies without having to turn to injections, surgeons or ultra-expensive treatments,
claiming to “enlarge the lips naturally”. Today, I’d like to share with you
some of my tested-and-proven-to-give-great-results tricks so you can achieve
fuller looking lips instantly!

Exfoliate for a Better “Canvas”

Creating the perfect
“canvas” to work on is 
the most important step before applying any type of makeup. When it comes to your lips, the smoother their surface is, the fuller they
will look after you apply lipstick. Apart from that, even if you don’t use any
lipstick at all, simply the act of exfoliation itself, visually enlarges the
lips, by stimulating the blood flow, making them juicy looking and full of life. 

You can purchase an exfoliating product for
lips or make your own at home (some brown sugar mixed with 
Sweet Almond Oil works wonders!) or better yet, if you are in a hurry, you can use a toothbrush – gently massage your lips
with it for a minute and then apply a thin layer of your daily moisturizer, to
hydrate the lips and give them extra plumpness. Brushing your lips gently will remove
the dead cells, smooth out their surface and boost blood
circulation. Simple, but truly effective ritual!

Plump with a Lip Gloss

The easiest and
fastest fool-proof way to appear that you have plumper lips is 
to use a lip gloss instead of just your regular lipstick. The gloss will reflect the light and
this way will make your lips look fuller than they really are. You can apply
lip gloss alone, over your favorite lip stick or dab a bit of it in the center
of your lower and upper lip. If you want to try the third option (applying it
in the center of your lips), make sure to use a transparent/clear gloss or one
that has the same color as your lip stick. Lip glosses are the perfect makeup
“tool” to achieve hydrated, juicy lips + you can never go overboard with them! And
the best part: there’s no need to be super precise. Easy peasy!

Speaking of Lip Glosses, how would you like the idea of a lip gloss that provides a hint of color, hydrates in depth, nourishes, protect from UV rays and reduces the visible signs of aging? Sounds intriguing?

Packed with potent Bio-Active ingredients like CoEnzyme Q10, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Oil, La Mav’s Lip Treatments are bursting with anti-aging and moisturizing properties and at the same time provide natural UV protection. Get a hing of sheer color and a nice, glossy finish for healthier, plumper and more beautiful lips!

Pick Your Shade

Avoid Dark Lipsticks & Use Lip Liner

You know how darker
clothing can make your body look slimmer? Well, same rule applies to lipsticks.
The darker the lipstick, the thinner your lips will look. So, instead of grabbing
a plum colored lippie or one in bright red, 
opt for a pink/peachy color, in
order to avoid visually shrinking your lips.

Another great way to
fake juicy lips is by using lip liner. This might be a 
tricky one for some,
though, since it’s not so easy + no one wants to be caught “cheating” by faking Angie’s lips. After all, the point is to achieve 
the most natural look possible, right? Professional
makeup artists suggest that you erase the edges of the lips by applying
concealer to create a “blank canvas”, then lining just outside the edge and
filling in the rest with the same lip liner and blending it carefully with a
lip brush. Lastly, put on your lipstick, and voila!

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