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How To Pick the Right Lipstick Color

How To Pick the Right Lipstick Color

Choose The Best Lipstick Color For You

I bet you
spend hours in front of the makeup counter looking at lipsticks in
Berry Red, Passion Red, Coral Red and Reddish Delight and you get really
frustrated. Well, you are not alone. Many women find it hard to pick lipstick
color to suit their skin tone and to look on their lips the way they want it to.
Today I’ll share with you several simple rules you can follow that will help
you pick the best color for your pretty lips. Trust me, picking the right
lipstick shade is not as complicated as it smees!

“If I had to teach someone just
one thing about lip color it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on
your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup.”
— Bobbi Brown, “Beauty”

The Golden Rule of Color

According to
most professional makeup artists the main thing you have to bear in mind when
choosing lipstick color is for it to be 2 shades deeper than your natural lip
color. You can test it by applying some on your upper lip. If you are shopping
at a drugstore/mall and you don’t want to test the products (I personally don’t
do it, because thousands of people tested them before me and it’s a bit.. blah)
you can open the lipstick and put it close to your lips. This should be enough
to measure the difference with your natural color.

Your Skin Tone

If we divide
skin tones in three major groups the colors
suitable for each type will be:

  • Fair skin: nudes, pink and light
    coral shades
  • Medium skin: rose, berries
  • Dark skin: red, chocolate brown and
    deep plum

If we subdivide
the skin types to warm (if your veins appear green in natural sunlight) and cool
(if your veins appear bright blue in natural sunlight) the best pick for
lipstick shades will be as follows:

  • Warm: Orange, Reddish brown, Salmon,
    Peaches, Coral
  • Cool: Pink, Berry, Purple

Your Lips

If you have
thin lips stay away from strong, dark colors, because they will “shrink” your
lips even more and “emphasize” on the fact that God didn’t give you Candice Swanepoel’s
lips. If you are lucky and you have 
big, juicy lips you can go for every color you
can imagine – no rules!

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Your eyes

Green and hazel
eyes love bold red lipstick! Blue eyes prefer coral red and bloody red. Brown
eyes need some pink for maximum gorgeousness.

The Light

Whenever you are testing a product Its’
essential to do it in natural light, because
this way you can determine it’s real color (artificial light changes
everything, no joke!). If you are shopping at a big mall/store, go close to a
window to see the real color of the product you are planning to buy. 

Once you get the right color, you can always enhance it with the right gloss. Glosses make your lips look fuller and add shine. Besides that they protect and nourish!

La Mav’s Tinted Lip Treatments are helping to fight the visible signs of ageing on the area that is most prone
to the first sign of wrinkles:
the lips.

three tinted
are specially formulated to intensely nourish the lips whilst also
providing a hint of color.

Packed with Bio-Active ingredients including;
CoEnzyme Q10, Pomegranate Oil, Vitamin C
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giving the lips a hint of sheer color.



Pick Your Shade Now

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