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4 Essential Oils To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Reduce stress and anxiety while promoting calm with these proven essential oils!

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LJ’s Pick: Rose Oil (Rosa damascena)

Why do you like it?
Extracted from the flowers of the Rosa damascena plant through steam distillation, rose essential oil is my choice essential oil for relaxing after a particularly stressful day. Rose oil has a familiar, sensual and floral scent and has the ability to relieve anxiety, fight depression and ease pain , just to name a few benefits.

How do you use it?
I like to create a blend with complementing oils like cypress, citrus, and pine at night time to wind down. It may be best to use this oil sparingly because of its high costs; however the price tag is well worth it! When mixed with water, rose essential oil becomes a soothing and calming alcohol-free facial spritzer.

Try making Rose Mist Spray! Here’s how:
Fill a spray bottle with 75% water (preferably filtered/non-chlorinated), add in 2 drops rose essential oil and 2 drops pine essential oil. I enjoy the cozy, woody fragrance of the pine that mixes with the sensual flowery scent of rose bushes. Very relaxing!

Calming Properties of Rosa damascena essential oil
 Relieves anxiety
 Promotes relaxation
 Fights depression

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Lucy’s pick: Orange Oil

Why do you like it?

Though Orange Oil it is known to lift the spirit, for me it works a bit differently. It gives me a nice feeling of slight dizzyness and relaxation. Orange Oil brings peace and happiness to the mind and it also helps your body release stress as it contains approximately 90% D-limonene – a powerful natural antioxidant, that protects from free radicals. By including Orange Oil in your skincare routine, you can not go wrong, as it’ll provide anti-ageing and skin lightening benefits. As a bonus the oil also has soothing and detoxifing properties and it helps your skin regain vitality.

How do you use it?
I like to add few drops of Orange Oil added to my homemade toner and oil mixtures for face, hair or body (such as one of our 6 homemade beauty recipes!). Orange Oil does wonders like this, and makes for a super pleasant smell and feeling!

Calming Properties of Orange Oil:

• Helps your body release stress
• Brings a nice feeling of relaxation and peace and happiness to the mind
• Also has detoxifing properties when applied on the skin


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Mike’s Pick: Lavender Oil

Why do you like it?
I recommend Lavender because it’s a highly effective herb for anxiety relief – amazingly so, in fact. It’s effective both when used for aromatheraphy and when ingested internally, and when ingested internally, it’s been shown to be as effective as Lorazepam, a prescription anti-anxiety medication! When used as an aromatherapy, Lavender Oil has been proven to reduce general anxiety , tension, and stress, as well as a treatment for social anxiety. Even better: Lavender has been shown to be more effective than NSAID’s for treating migraine pain. There are, astoundingly, no known side effects or contraindications for Lavender; just always remember to use oganic!

How do you use it?
I apply a drop directly to the back of my wrists and rub on to the sides of my neck. I also use it in a small, candle powered incense burner. Be careful as sometimes pure essential oils can irritate the skin – if that’s the case, dilute with a bit of organic Jojoba Oil. Also consider these methods:
• Aromatherapy: place a few drops in a cup of hot water or your favorite vaporizer, and inhale 3x daily to reduce anxiety and stress
• Tea: Steep 1-2 teaspoons of dry Lavender in 250mL (1 cup) of boiling water for 15 minutes
• Internally: 20-80mg a day of Lavender oil has been shown to be equal in efficacy to Lorazipam in clinical trials

Make nature’s best migraine cure! Here’s how: Combine a drop of Lavender & Peppermint essential oil on the back of your wrists and apply to the sides and back of your neck as well as to your temples and forehead. If you have an aromatherapy vaporiser, add the mixture to that as well. Works even better when combined with Frankinscence and Myrrh!

Calming Properties of Lavender Oil:
• Reduces Anxiety
• Relieves Tension & Stress
• Treats Social Anxiety


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Gabby’s Pick: Myrrh Oil

Why do you like it?
Myrrh has strong antiseptic properties and is known to have a high sesquiterpene content, which also makes it ideal for helping you to feel calm! Sesquiterpenes are a compound which carry oxygen molecules to cells that have proven effects on the parts of the brain responsible for emotion and stress: the hypothalamus, amygdala, and pituitary glands. By acting directly on these parts of the brain, Myrrh can have a dramatic and long lasting calming effect. Sesquiterpenes also have many other health and medicinal uses, which I’ll talk about in the future! Myrrh has been well documented in history throughout time, and has been regularly used since at least the time of the ancient Egyptians.

How do you use it?
For calming, I use it as an aromatherapy with a diffuser! Add a few drops to your favorite diffuser or atomizer and you’re all set. It’s great for those times when I have trouble relaxing, or when my mind just wants to race. I also use it before meditation.

Calming Properties of Myrrh Oil
• Promotes calming via directly affecting the hypothalamus, amygdala, and pituitary glands
• Used for thousands of years to aid meditation
• Use directly on skin, or via aromatherapy
• Also useful as a topical antiseptic/antifungal agent

What are your favorite essential oils or essential oil blends? Please let us know in the comments because we love trying out new mixtures! Also, don’t forget to always buy certified organic essential oils :)