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As December passed, La Mav was proudly featured online and in print. We’d love it if you show the La Mav Love and support all the below publications by clicking through and reading the posts and leaving a comment where you can!

Natural Health – December 14, January 15, 2014

Featured: La Mav Tinted Lip Treatment La Mav Organic BB Cream

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to switch to a healthier lifestyle, and you are not sure you’ll be able to stick to it, start small – “green” your beauty routine! (and drink fresh juice every day, if possible). 
Australian NaturalHealth Magazine presents a very well crafted Beauty Guide for 2015, where you can find great product suggestions – sun protection, make-up, hair care and everything in between. 

NaturalHealth Australia – Beauty Guide 2015

Prevention – Dec/Jan, 2015

Featured: La Mav Antioxidant Nightly Repair Nectar

Do you know that your skin needs antioxidants as much as your body does. Antioxidants are an important element of the healthy diet, but they are also a key ingredient in all good skincare products. While you sleep and you dream about Hawaiian beaches and cocktails, your skin regenerates rapidly and this is the time when antioxidants work their magic and transform your complexion, boosting radiance. In their Happy Issue Prevention Mag Australia, gathers for you the best nightly skin transformers – for glowing, healthy skin that shines!

Prevention Magazine Australia – Radiance Boosters



Lustre – Issue 10, 2014

Featured: La Mav Pure Organic Tamanu Oil

Eat. Sleep. Hydrate. Repeat. Unarguably, the best recipe for good looking skin!

In their December issue 
Lustre Magazine Australia once again emphasizes on the importance of regular hydration during the summer season (and not only). While some people are reserved when it comes to using oils when the weather is hot and the humidity levels are high, if applied as nightly treatment, oils help your skin retain moisture and regenerate better, which makes them a must in your beauty routine all year round.Eat. Sleep. Hydrate. Repeat. Unarguably, the best recipe for good looking skin. 

Lustre – Eat. Sleep. Hydrate. Repeat

Gossamer – December, 2014

Featured: La Mav Tinted Lip Treatment

In a very open and honest interview La Mav’s owner and CEO Tarj Mavi shares her thoughts about the constantly changing cosmetic industry, the inspiration behind her work, how and why she started her own business and… why she loves peppermint tea. 

Gossamer – A Cuppa with…Tarj Mavi

Eva & Violet Cruelty Free Beauty Instagram – December 3, 2014

Featured: La Mav Skincare

We all know that you can never have too many shoes. Same applies to skincare and makeup. And even though men are usually quite frustrated with the quantity of products we carry in our bags when we travel (and in the evening we put on our skin), we know that each one of them has its own very special job and without it.. it just won’t be the same. 

And here is where we want to say Huge Thanks to 
Eve & Violet CrueltyFreeBeauty for this super beautiful an inpiring Instagram inclusion. We no longer feel guilty for not having space for all our creams, serums and oils!

Eve & Violet CrueltyFreeBeauty Instagram: My Daily Routine on Holiday

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