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As February passed, La Mav was proudly featured online and in print. We’d love it if you show the La Mav Love and support all the below publications by clicking through and reading the posts and leaving a comment where you can!

Cleo – February, 2015

Featured: La Mav Coffee Bean Body Scrub

Eco Beauty is the new Black! Not only that green products are gentle and safe, but they also do wonders for your skin, your hair and your body! 
Cleo Magazine offers us one small, but very intriguing selection of the best green beauty goodies available at the market. It is time to green-up your beauty routine, isn’t it? Mother Nature says Thanks!

Cleo Magazine: Go Green

Nature & Health – February/March, 2015

In their last edition, 
Nature & Health Mag present to their readers a brief, but very inspiring, interview with La Mav’s owner Tarj Mavi. In it, the lady behind Australia’s first Certified Organic Skin Care brand, tells us about her inspirations – how she decided to start her own business and what keeps her going (plus her favorite beauty item!).

Because behind all our big achievements stand enthusiasm and love for what we do…

Nature & Health – Green Queen

Nature & Health Online – February 2, 2015

In another great article, 
Nature & Health talk to the top holistic health and beauty experts about how to get younger-looking, healthier skin. In it, Tarj Mavi, shares her tested-and-proven-to-work “secret”: 

“My all-time favorite equation, proven to work wonders for skin, is:
regular cleansing + exfoliation + good moisturizer = glowing skin” 

PS: Also, don’t forget to smile! Happy people have the best glow!

Nature & Health: Top 10 Anti-aging Tips

Women’s Fitness – February, 2015

Featured: La Mav Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar

Do you supply your skin with enough antioxidants? Do you know that is not just what you eat that counts? Do you want to “stop the clock”? Or at least slow it down?

The integrity of your skin care regiment is the key. And you don’t have to be a beauty expert to guess that. In their February issue, Women’s Fitness Magazine selects for us the best beauty buys “to cover your base” – truly miraculous  potions, loaded with powerful bio-active substances which protect our skin from free-radicals, keeping it healthy, glowing and young. Time to do some shopping!

Women’s Fitness: Cover Your Base

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