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As January passed, La Mav was proudly featured online and in print. We’d love it if you show the La Mav Love and support all the below publications by clicking through and reading the posts and leaving a comment where you can!

Home Beautiful – January, 2014

Featured: La Mav Sunkissed Bronzer

We all want to glow and sparkle. And we all love the sun, even though we know that while it makes us pretty, when it kisses our skin gently, it also speeds up the aging of the skin. Can we avoid this? Yes, we can! Because we are in the
Bronze Age! Home Beautiful shares with its readers the best beauty picks for sun-kissed glow, sans the damage! Check them out!

Home Beautiful: Bronze Age

Iolande Skinner Facebook – January 6, 2015

Featured: La Mav Organic BB Cream

One of the leading Australian TV presenters (also writer, producer, magazine editor and so-much-more) 
Iolande Skinner shares publicly, her secret beauty weapon “La Mav’s Organic BB Cream”:

ultimate beauty secret! Chemical-free,
certified organic and makes you look completely airbrushed. Perfect as on-camera make-up
for TV Presenters, models or actors as it’s moisturising but has a
completely matt finish. EPIC! Every girl needs this healthy, gorgeous

Thanks a lot for the nice words, Iolande! xo

Iolande Skinner Facebook: My Ultimate Beauty Secret

Beauticate – January 15, 2015

Featured: La Mav Organic Skin Science

few women glow quite so convincingly as nutritionist and model
Jacqueline Alwill.
 We couldn’t agree more. There is just something about her face, her smile, her eyes…something so enchanting… 

In a very open and honest interview, Jacqueline shares not only her beauty secrets, but also what inspires her daily and what makes her inner radiance shine. 

Beauticate: Interview with Jacqueline Alwill

Sporteluxe – January 15, 2015

Featured: La Mav Organic BB Cream

Who would say no to Jessica Alba’s sun-kissed skin? No one. Is it hard to glow like her? Not at all. Tinted Moisturizers and BB creams are your ultimate beauty weapon (ask 
Iolande Skinner) during the summer season, when you want anything else but to wear a lot of makeup in order to make your complexion radiant and your face freshly looking. Sporteluxe presents a carefully crafted selection with the best “skin-transformers”.

Sporteluxe: Glow Like Jessica Alba with These Tinted Moisturizers

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