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As September passed, La Mav was proudly featured online and in print. We’d love it if you show the La Mav Love and support all the below publications by clicking through and reading the posts and leaving a comment where you can!

Pregnancy Life + Style – Issue 6, 2015

Featured: La Mav Nourish Body Moisturizer

“Avoiding dry and itchy skin is a lot easier than treating it once the need to scratch begins” – Pregnancy & Birth 

Dealing with dry skin can be tough, but with the right natural products, less hot showers and more omega 3 in your diet, you can improve the condition of your skin significantly. Applying rich, nourishing body lotions, that restore skin’s lipod barrier and maintain its moisture levels is especially important for future mommies, as this will help reduce the risk of getting stretch marks (the monster, we all fear!).

Note: Make sure to go for organic and natural products, if you don’t want toxins entering in your body! (that doesn’t apply for the future mommies only)

Pregnancy Life + Style: Soothing Skin Saviours

Get It Magazine Online – September, 2015

Featured: La Mav Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Who doesn’t love beauty hauls? In their latest issue, Get It Magazine are sharing with us their best beauty buys for the months one of which is La Mav’s Pure Sweet Almond Oil. Great for your skin, for your nails and for your hair, this multi-purpose plant oil is sure to turn into your new favorite! For more ideas how to use it, visit this link

Get It Magazine: What’s New

Beauticate – September 15, 2015

Featured: La Mav Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

“Just as health nuts trawl through the ingredient lists of the foods they eat, reading beauty product ingredients is essential if you’re going organic. With a plethora of savvy marketing terms finding their way onto skin care bottles it’s no wonder we’re left confused.” 

If you are new to the organic skin care world, or you just want to learn more about the safety of the ingredients you are applying on your skin daily, make sure to check Beauticate’s article!

Beauticate: How To Buy Organic Skin Care

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