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La Mav Meets: Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen

La Mav Meets: Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen

How The Way You Eat Changes Your Life


Look at that healthy, glowing skin and this confident, happy woman! What’s her secret? Green juices, fresh fruits and lots of positive thoughts! Today, Amanda Brocket, the lady behind the Raw Food Kitchen, will tell us about her journey to a healthier, better self and how raw food has changed her life!

Tell us a bit more about yourself?

A kiwi! Born in a small town in the South
Island of New Zealand and grew up around horses, sheep, cats and dogs. We were
very connected to nature and after school was spent running around in overgrown
back yards, climbing trees and raiding the garden.

What made you switch to raw food? 

I led a very
stressful, western, corporate lifestyle when I moved to Sydney, and I
eventually got diagnosed with systemic candida, it wasn’t until I switched to a
raw diet did I fully heal from that condition. Now raw is part of my everyday

What inspired you to create the Raw Food

It not only healed me from feeling very unwell for
over five years, it has given me more energy and a zest for life, as well as
improving moods and overall digestion, and the ability to 
handle stress better.
I am so passionate about this way of eating it inspired me to share the message
and to show them how easy it can be to add more raw into their day, so we reach
out to people who want to feel and be the best they can be, and this magical
diet is the first stepping stone to achieving that.

Join Amanda and reset your health! Experience more vitality, energy and rejuvenation in just 28 days! 

Get to know the raw food diet with The Raw Food Kitchen!

How does your day begin? 

Always some form of
exercise, beach run, swim, yoga, gym. Sometimes meditation, although I always
seem to find this the most challenging one to do! Then a big green smoothie
loaded with superfoods for breakfast.

What motivates you? 

Making a difference in the
world, even if its just inspiring one person to fall in love with raw, so they
can achieve their goals (whether it be weight loss, more energy, sleep better,
help the family eat well) and find a renewed zest for life simply through diet.

Favorite skin care product? 

It would have to be La Mav Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Crème. I use it every day religiously.

Do you wear makeup and if yes, what’s the makeup
item you can’t live without? 

Yes, and it would have to be an organic eyeliner!

What’s your ultimate beauty secret? 

Stress less!
When you are relaxed and happy it shows up
in your skin and the twinkle in your eyes!

Are you a fan of DIY beauty and if yes, what are
your tested-and-proven-to-work recipes?

I sometimes like to blend avocado with
spirulina, cacao powder, raw honey and a splash of lemon juice and apply as a 
face mask!

Let’s go back to food. What is your favorite

So hard to say! I have so many! But I do tend to have a sweet tooth and
love chocolate (raw of course) so anything that combines that I am a a happy
girl! The Florentines recipe on the website is always a winner! (you can find the recipe 
here and the whole book here)

Is there is something you refuse to eat? 

Well I
am not really a fan of eating anything animal based that is not organic or or
has not been raised ethically. I think there is a big disconnect nowadays
between people understanding what an animal is subjected to to raise it purely
for human consumption. Animals are sentient beings and should be respected as

We, at La Mav, believe that beauty doesn’t have to hurt! We are proud to be a member of Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) – an independent Australian organisation that accredits skin, body and toiletry products and is strictly against animal testing. We do not use any animal ingredient in our range. We only conduct research and testing on human volunteers and ourselves.

How does your day end?

In summer there is
nothing better than wrapping the day with an ocean dip and watching the sun go

What is your mantra for happiness? 

comfortable in your own skin, whether you are having a good day or bad day,
know that
everything in life is fluid and ever changing, nothing ever stays the
same, so practice being present
. Something I try to do every day. And surround
yourself with good people, who lift you up, support you, encourage your growth
and like to have fun!

I am Amanda, and I believe in… 

…our birth right
is to be truly healthy, happy and well!

For more information on Amanda and The Raw Food Kitchen, her
classes, retreats, online store and programs on “rawsome” raw food head 

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