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The Simple Things In Life That Make Us Happy (with Brooke Glew)


Today we have another amazing guest on the blog – Brooke Glew from the Health Coach Army. Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Iridologist + an incredibly charming and genuine person, Brooke is here to inspire you to make a change and kick toxins out of your life! Let’s meet her!

1. I am Brooke and I love.. O wow. Love is just the BEST word! I love everything, haha. More specifically I
love waking up next to my son every morning, 
eating raw chocolate, wondering
farmers markets, sharing knowledge and listening to peoples’ stories.

2. I trust in.. Nature. One simple word. When I finished my studies to be a Naturopath, I
thought I knew everything. We spent four years studying the medicinal
properties of plants and nutritional medicine, but each day nature surprises me
even more. From planting a tiny seed in my garden and watching it grow to
nourish my family, using an essential oil to calm the ambience in my home, to
looking up at the moon with my son and feeling a sense of, just, awe. We are
given everything we need, from nature.

3. I find it hard to.. Not meet my own deadlines. Even though I work for myself, I often set strenuous
deadlines. And, even though I set them, I just can’t not meet them. I’ll stay
up all night to get something finished, just so I’ve done what I said I would. 

4. I feel frustrated when.. I don’t know the answer to something. Google has helped to overcome this 

5. I am thankful for.. This amazing planet that we get to be the inhabitants of. 

6. When I wake up in the morning.. I eat chocolate. Most mornings… then Rider and I have breakfast together, Spelt
Peanut Butter toast for him and a raw breakfast bowl for me. 

7. When I go to bed, I think about.. How grateful I am for this life, and excited for the future. I imagine all of
my personal and business goals as if they’re a reality. Spending the last
moments before sleep actually living my dream.

8. If I could give advice to my 18 year old self,
This is a tough one, would I change anything? I do believe that our path is all
layed out for us, and what I did when I was 18 shaped who I am today, just as
what I’m doing now will shape who I am at 60. Oh, yes, there is some advice! I
would tell my 18yo self to be kinder to her Mum.

9. I have chosen to go “green” and “toxic free”
 Pretty much always in my home. I’ve spent 20 years eliminating toxins from my
life, and now offer my family an environment that I know I’ve done my best in.
We recycle, have a low carbon footprint, grow organic food, have a worm farm,
don’t use any chemicals in or around out house, shop locally and eat organic,
bla, bla. When I typed that, it seems like a lot, but it’s no effort at all,
it’s just our way of life.

10. The thing that inspires me most is.. My fiancé, Nic. He’s my polar opposite in many ways. So gentle, kind and
patient. He reminds me to take time to enjoy, and inspires me to be kind to

11. My favorite makeup item is..  Oooh, I have two. My Ere Perez Natural Volumizing Mascara, and my La Mav Organic BB Crème. THE BEST!

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12. The skin care item I can’t live without.. Cleanser. I love the feeling of washing my face in cold water and cleansing
with a 
nourishing, calming, organic cleanser.


13. I am obsessed with.. Raw Chocolate. Yes. So is my 20mo son. I went through many years of trying
different diets, which all centered around deprivation. Chocolate was a love,
but it wasn’t healthy for me. When I discovered the healing power, and the
potent mineral content of cacao, what chocolate is meant to be, and the
incredible raw chocolatier’s around this country, I literally discovered my

14. I want to.. Help people live a toxin free life, AND fill my entire lawn with a magical food

15. And I don’t want to.. To have to lug in the soil. That’s a lot of soil.

16. My mantra for happiness is.. Enjoy and be grateful for every moment. We can sometimes get so caught up in
what we don’t have or where we’re going, and we miss out on the now. We are so
incredibly lucky to have this time here, be surrounded by loved ones, to walk,
talk, breathe,

17. Beauty is.. coming from within. When you’re happy, loved, and nourished beauty shows on the
inside and out. Your eyes sparkle, skin is bright, voice is strong; and your
inner connection to yourself allows you to listen to your body, to nature and
to others.

18. Don’t forget to.. take your shoes off and feel the earth. Most nights, I take my son outside in
bare feet and look up at the sky. There was a time that I was worried about
getting dirty feet, but from what? The ground? We run around in high heels,
trainers, Ugg boots, thongs, and often miss the grounding sensation of actually
having our feet planted on this great planet. 

For more from Brooke check her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.