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Small Green-Beauty-Talk With Emmily Banks

Today I am super happy to have a very special guest on the blog – avid green beauty lover, professional makeup artist and waves chaser. Meet the gorgeous mermaid Emmily Banks (the woman behind Depths Of Beauty) and let’s see why her green-beauty-world is so inspiring!

I am Emmily Banks and I love.. feeling healthy,
well and energized so that I can enjoy and make the most of all the incredible
things this life has to offer!

My favorite makeup item is..  do I really have to
choose just one? Haha. If so it would probably be a tinted lipbalm that can
double as a blush. My lips are a very neutral shade, as is the skin on my
cheeks, so I love adding a pop of colour! I also love hydrated smooth lips,
hence why I can’t leave the house without a lipbalm!

The skin care item I can’t live without.. oils,
oils oils. Coconut, jojoba and rosehip are a few of my favourites

I trust in.. my intuition

I adore my job because.. I have the chance to
help others look and feel their best by introducing them to non-toxic,
nourishing, eco friendly and cruelty free skincare and beauty alternatives that

I find it hard to.. comprehend why its taken
some people (myself included) so long to realize just how important it is that we are cautious about what we put onto our skin – OUR BODIES LARGEST ORGAN that
absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients we put onto it within minutes?

I feel frustrated when.. certain health and
skincare “professionals” recommend toxic and harmful products to people (with
the intention to assist them with skin or health conditions), yet have failed
to do their own research on the dangerous ingredients in the products.

I am thankful for.. my life by the ocean in
Bondi with my loving partner and beautiful supportive friends and family.

What a Makeup Stash! And all this – free of harmful chemicals! Who says you can’t glow naturally?


When I go to bed, I think about.. waking up and
working on my passion. I honestly can’t wait to wake up in the mornings to
continue working towards my goals.

I have chosen to support the natural beauty
trend because…
I am passionate about raising awareness on the dangers of the
mainstream cosmetics industry and also in helping people to realize that we
have so many natural and organic brands to support and use instead!

When I have to do my makeup in less than 5
minutes, I always apply..
Concealer or
foundation, blush, lipbalm and mascara

I am obsessed with… the beach, organic juices, avocado, dogs (I really love
animals!) and my entire organic makeup kit!

I want to.. be happy and healthy so that I can
give to others with my fullest potential.

And I don’t want to.. ever forget the most
important thing in life is to live with kindness, compassion and love.

My mantra for happiness is… love unconditionally (especially yourself!)

Beauty is.. In the eye of the beholder. 

PS from Em:
It’s okay to treat yourself to looking beautiful! And it’s even better when you are supporting and using clean beauty brands! Depths Of Beauty is here to help you discover your most wellbeing-conscious radiance! 

Em Banks X

For more of Emmily, visit her special green beauty place here.

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