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All Things Beauty with Kate Muller

If you are on the hunt for a new beauty salon to pamper yourself at, and you live in Australia, then you have to visit The Beauty Bible now! 

“While beauty and grooming has always been at the forefront of what defines The Beauty Bible, we like to think it has slowly and surely evolved to a survival guide for anyone new to a city, interested in new treatments or just looking for a change in beauty salons.” 


And if you want to learn more about the inspiring woman behind this holy place for all beauty enthusiasts, stay with us! Kate Muller agreed to answer some questions we’ve been wanting to ask for a long time, and we are more than excited to have her on our blog… 

Let’s meet her!


1. I am Kate Muller and I love.. the small things
in life. I get pleasure out of the small things – a singing bird, a beautiful
sunset, a friendly exchange between strangers, a kind compliment, a bypassing
dog (I go crazy over dogs)… the small things remind me how lucky I am to be
here. I recently went on a walk around the Noosa National Park in Queensland
and I saw koalas, dolphins AND whales. It was just magical!

2. I trust in.. my loved ones to be there for me
when I need them. I can’t go a day in this world without my family, boyfriend
and friends.

3. I find it hard to.. switch off. My mind runs at
a million miles an hour – all day, every day! I have a Type A personality, so I
am an over-achiever, perfectionist, and always wanting to be the absolute best
at whatever I apply myself to. At the moment I am really working on how I can
switch off and take time for myself, which includes shutting the laptop, going
for a walk, meditating, using essential oils, working out, and reading. Oh, and
I also find it hard to do only one thing at once. I multitask all the time,
trying to do five things at once, but in the end it’s just counterproductive (I
am multitasking as I write this!)

4. I feel frustrated.. when shocking events around
the world cause grief, pain and loss, especially of late.

5. I am thankful for.. life! How blessed we are to
be given an opportunity to experience what this beautiful world has to offer.

6. When I wake up in the morning.. I exercise, have
a smoothie on the go and get into my day. I start with emails first and then
get into it.

7. When I go to bed, I think about.. not much
actually. Even though I find it difficult to switch off, when it’s bedtime
that’s it. Some days I can be out in 2 minutes! Although, if something in my
day has shaken me or stressed me out a little, there can be nights where I toss
and turn a bit.

8. If I could give advice to my 18 year old self,
tell myself to stop comparing
myself to others. This is a bad habit I have been plagued with since I was
young and sometimes I find myself still doing it. I have an amazing life and
have achieved amazing things, and I should be proud of it! Own your life and be
the boss of it.

9. My favourite makeup item is.. highlighter. I have
just discovered a great combination to give me the best glow – Mecca Tinted
Moisturiser mixed with a highlighter, like Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter or Burberry Nude Radiance and IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Ombre Bronzer.


10. The skin care item I can’t live without..
Moisturiser. I have really been looking after my skin since I was 12, so I
can’t go a day without moisturising my face in the morning and before bed. At
the moment I am using a combination of La Mav and Aspect on my face, and I love
Antipodes for handcream and Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream for my body.

11. When I have to do my makeup in less than 5
minutes, I always apply..
my normal face! I can actually do all of my makeup in
5 minutes, so after moisturising I use 
foundation/powder, concealer, bronzer//blush, a nude eye, curled lashes with mascara, and a quick brow


12. I am obsessed with.. Beauty (skincare/makeup),
animals, reading, nature, the outdoors, exercise, and business.

13. I want to.. be really successful in my
career/business, have a family, travel the world, all while having balance and
not forgetting to look after myself.

14. And I don’t want to.. live a life filled with
comparison, ungratefulness, and fear.

15. My mantra for happiness is.. love yourself, be
grateful, and take pleasure in the small things.

16. Beauty is.. confidence. When someone is
confident, they exude beauty.

17. Don’t forget to.. floss your teeth every day!
And smile every minute you can J


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