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A cup of tea with Kim Batley from Oh Goodness Me

This week, we had the pleasure to share a cup of chai tea with the lovely Kim Batley, founder of our favorite Australian luxury vegan beauty boutique – 
Oh Goodness Me. We chatted about the importance of cleaning your life and your mind of things you don’t really need; how amazing vegan food is; how much we love yoga; her favorite makeup and skin care products and much more. Join us – let’s meet Kim!

1. I am Kim and I love.. stormy weather, creating
delicious vegan meals, alternative music, jumping into a freshly made bed, cups
of herbal or chai tea, being a voice for the animals, composing images for Oh
Goodness Me, a glass of wine, supporting locals, the rain on the roof when I
drift off to sleep, where I live, a shower after a long day, a simple approach
to living and my beautiful husband.

2. I trust in.. man-kind and that we can evolve into
being just that. Kind to the planet, kind to the animals and kind to ourselves.

3. I find it hard to.. maintain my balance with
some of the 
yoga poses we do in class. I am working on that core strength

4. I feel frustrated when.. I hear people say, “Oh
that is just how I was brought up”, like it gives them an instant pardon for
bad choices. I do believe we are able to educate ourselves and discover new
things as adults. This knowledge is what separates us from that child version
of us that people refer too when they make this statement. The world would not
evolve without it and we would just keep repeating the same mistakes if we all
took on this statement.

5 .I am thankful for.. all the amazing vegan food blogs that are around now because they have given my husband the confidence and
ideas to create yummy meals for us. He has turned into my kitchen super hero
and whips up lots of his own creations and even does the grocery shopping. It
is such a blessing when I am working a lot and I am more than thankful.



6. When I wake up in the morning.. have a glass of
water with lemon, then I jump into a warm shower, spend some time making
breakfast, catch up on emails or social media and then start my working day.

7. When I go to bed, I think about.. how much I
actually love my bed and how blissful it is at the end of the day:) I actually
don’t think about much once I am there because I have learnt that nothing gets
solved in those times when you are tired. I would rather write it down and deal
with it the next day refreshed. Much like meditation, I try and clear my
thoughts and listen to my breathing.

8. If I could give advice to my 18 year old self,
tell her not compare herself with others and enjoy being her own unique
self because people will love, be drawn to and admire you for those
differences. I would also tell her to start using anti-aging products earlier.

9. I have chosen to support the natural/organic
beauty trend because..
I have realised that there are far safer, healthier and
kinder alternatives that are available to us. I am happy to support those who
are making those conscious choices. I truly believe that nature delivers the
best ingredients and the people who are creating these products are essentially
creating the world they want to live in and I support that.

10. My favorite makeup item is.. my BB and CC creams.
I love these multitasking products because they give my face a hint of colour,
hydrate my skin, correct the colour, protect me from 
sun damage and they have
the added anti-aging benefits I need.

11. The skin care item I can’t live without.. these
days is a good face serum. My skin really enjoys that pampering of love before
I go to bed. I let the natural goodness do its work while I sleep. There are so
many natural skin food blends being created for all skin types and issues these
days. We are truly lucky.

12. When I have to do my makeup in less than 5
minutes, I always apply..
my CC or BB cream, a quick dusting of Natural Mineral Makeup, cheek balm, lip balm or lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadows and mascara. It
generally only takes me 5 minutes to do my makeup most days. I may spend a
little more time if I am going out.

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13. I am obsessed with.. simple living and minimalist
design. The last few years I have looked more closely at what really is
important and I came to conclusion that I do not need a lot of “stuff” in my
life. I have never been a very materialistic type person but the last few years
there has been a lot more talk about minimalism. I decided that I didn’t want
to live in a museum so I donated or gave away things we did not use. I also
decided less was more with my wardrobe and started looking into Capsule
Wardrobes for inspiration. The Project 333 challenge is a great place to get
started. I have also incorporated these
thoughts into other areas of my life and find my mind is less cluttered.

14. I want to.. spend more time doing healthy
pursuits like Yoga. It makes me feel more centered, happy and able, so I am
going to devote much more time in my week to making that a reality.

15. And I don’t want to.. miss out on what there is
to come in life. I want to experience all I can while I age so I have adopted
the healthiest approach possible. I want to grow old with my husband.

16. My mantra for happiness is.. I have everything I

17. Beauty is.. not a measure of attractiveness but
more an inner radiance that some people have. Of course there are some things
in life that are just aesthetically pleasing but it really is deeper than that.
Beauty can be seen and heard in the way we treat others, how we hold ourselves,
being confident in our choices and most importantly it is being true to our
unique self.

18. Don’t forget to.. take some time out for yourself
each day. Whether it is doing some yoga or meditation, having a bath, reading a
book, going for a walk, doing some art or just listening to your favourite
music while you drive through the day. 

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