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La Mav Meets: Michelle Geyer from My Dainty Derriere

La Mav Meets: Michelle Geyer from My Dainty Derriere

Chick Chat With Michelle from My Dainty Derriere

Looking for honest beauty reviews & useful makeup tips? My Dainty Derriere is your online guide to the best natural and organic beauty products, reviews and make-up tutorials!

Created by Michelle, an avid green beauty lover and certified makeup artists, 
My Dainty Derriere is the perfect place for any beauty lover who wants to make the switch to toxic-free products. And Michelle… she is lovely! (which is why, we decided to ask her to tell us a bit more about herself)

I am Michelle and I love.. The beach, makeup, animals and food!

I trust in.. my natural instincts, always go with your gut.

I find it hard to.. slow down and stop.

I feel frustrated when.. people complain but won’t take positive action to help themselves. I also get frustrated when I don’t finish everything on my to-do list!

I am thankful for.. EVERYTHING. But most importantly, my family, my friends and my health.

When I wake up in the morning.. I walk my toy poodle Bella, drink a green juice and catch up on social media.

When I go to bed, I think about.. what I have to get done the next day and how
I can achieve my goals. Ideally I’d love to shut off and go straight to sleep, this is something that is a work in progress.

If I could give advice to my 18 year old self, I’d.. tell myself to believe in
myself, not be so hard on myself and enjoy the ride!

“For me, the definition of beauty is raw, natural and healthy.” – Michelle Geyer

I have chosen to support the natural beauty trend because.. our skin is our
largest organ and absorbs everything we allow it to come into contact with. There are so many amazing natural beauty brands that offer a variety of products that actually work. Why wouldn’t you choose natural if you had the choice? Also, I love that the majority of natural beauty brands are cruelty free and some are eco friendly too. With how advanced our technology is, there
is absolutely no excuse for brands to continue testing on animals.

My favourite makeup item is.. highlighter and bronzer. Anything that gives
me a healthy, dewy glow is a winner for me!

The skin care item I can’t live without.. oils and moisturisers. It’s so important to keep our skin hydrated from the inside and out.

When I have to do my makeup in less than 5 minutes, I always apply.. BB creme (La Mav of course!), bronzer, highlighter and mascara.


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I am obsessed with.. puppies (I’m a crazy dog lady)

I want to.. live in a world where people appreciate the little things, stop complaining and respect each other enough to treat everyone how they deserve to be treated.

And I don’t want to.. ever give up on myself.

My mantra for happiness is.. Be the best version of you.

Beauty is.. raw, natural and healthy. Beauty comes in many forms, it’s not always about aesthetics. Someone who is kind, generous and genuine is also beautiful in my eyes.

Don’t forget to.. be appreciative every day, be kind to your body and stop comparing yourself to others. Be your own version of beautiful.

For more from Michelle, check out her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram / Facebook


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