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Beauty, But Better with Nina Weston

Beauty, but better. This is the slogan of one of the leading natural beauty retailers in Australia, run by a woman who strongly believes that “nature has everything our skin could possibly need”. And we know, she is right.

Nina Weston, the founder of Beautiful Because, agreed to answer some questions we’ve wanted to ask her for a long time and we’d love to share her answers with you. Let’s meet her and find out what made her switch to toxic-free beauty products, what are her beauty secrets and what inspires to keep on being so great at everything she does!


I am Nina and I love.. Helping my beautiful customers switch to healthy, toxin-free beauty!

I made the switch to organic skin care because.. I strongly believe we shouldn’t have
to fear toxic chemicals in skincare and wanted to support ethical and holistic
brands. With so many beautiful eco-friendly and cruelty-free products here in
Australia, I felt inspired to help spread the green beauty love.

Having your own business is.. A fun but challenging journey full of
ups and downs! It needs constant love and care to thrive.

I adore my job because.. I feel like I am helping to make a
positive difference (be it small) to the lives of my customers and the wider
world, and feel very passionately about advocating brands that are beautiful
from the core – I feel privileged to do this.

I trust in.. Gut instinct… Listen to yourself.

I am thankful for.. Lots! Every day; living in a
beautiful country; working with like-minded people; my friends; family; nature
– the sun and the sea!

When I go to bed, I think about.. Not much – I am usually out like a
light!! Beauty sleep is very important, you know!

My favorite makeup item is.. I have SO many favourites, however I
do love how 
La Mav’s BB Creme blurs the line between makeup and skincare for a
healthy and protected, radiant and flawless base.

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The skin care item I can’t live without.. Pure organic rosehip oil is one of my
staples, for its 
high-antioxidant and anti-ageing properties; plus its
multitasking abilities as a moisturiser and cleanser.

When I have to do my makeup in less than 5 minutes, I always apply.. A beautiful base, brow product and
sweep of mascara for fresh, natural and wide awake beauty.

I am obsessed with.. This week!? I’d have to say coconut oil – it’s a super product for skin and hair; as well as a super food for
beauty from within.

My mantra for happiness is.. To stay grounded, be compassionate
and remember what truly counts.


My ultimate beauty secret is.. Simply to cleanse well! I always
double-cleanse at night, removing my makeup with a natural skin oil or micellar
water, before washing with a 
gentle cream cleanser. This helps keep skin
healthy and clear, and optimises the effects of your moisturiser. Make your
nightly routine a ritual and not a chore!

Don’t forget to.. Take time out for yourself every single day.

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