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Simple Living, Love For Nature & Finding Inspiration In Everything Around You

Have you ever visited If you haven’t, let me warn you – once you enter Oly’s world, you won’t be able to escape! So much inspiration in one place that you don’t even know where to start from… 


Oly Shamrik is simple living enthusiast, blogger, photographer, stylist, visual merchandiser for fashion and lifestyle brands, hand embroidery artist, mixed media explorer, and many other titles. Is you ask me, I’d say that she is the bohemian version of super woman. A few years ago, Oly started blogging about natural skin care and makeup and her blog is slowly but surely turning into a beauty encyclopedia. 

Let’s jump into the word of one of the most inspiring women on the internet and see what makes her everything that she is and how she manages to find inspiration everywhere.

I am Oly Shamrik and I love.. simplicity.
In everything from food to wardrobe. I believe in simple, raw materials that we
wear, surround ourselves with and consume on a daily basis.

I trust in.. the power of good cup of
coffee, refined wardrobe and spontaneous getaway to the nature. All those
things that help to clear mind and focus on things that matter.

I adore my job because.. it’s a 24/7
commitment. Building your own brand is not an easy thing to do, but when you
see it’s success – it’s a priceless feeling of fulfillment. Also, because from
time to time the pajamas dress code is allowed (working weekends mostly).

The skin care item I can’t live without.. good cleanser. Very basic, yet very crucial step.

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I find it hard to.. find time for
sports. That’s my goal for the upcoming year to set up a
 physical discipline.

I feel frustrated when.. I repeat my
previous mistakes. Like ordering jeans online.

I am thankful for.. all the unexpected
turns life threw my way. Especially those that I’ve jumped on without much of a
second thought. Like changing three continents in the past 5 years.

When I go to bed, I think about.. my
to-do list for tomorrow. It helps me to go through all the necessary tasks that
I aim to accomplish the next day and I have a visualized plan for what I am
gonna do when I finish my morning cuppa.

I have chosen to support the natural beauty
trend because…
I don’t see it as a trend actually. Natural beauty regimen
literally changed my face. I’ve been going through tough times trying to
overcome occasional skin disasters and reaching out to every single product on
a drug store shelf, full of hope for a better and 
cleaner skin. I wish someone
would told me everything I know now about the green beauty, let’s say, 10 years

My favorite makeup item is.. BB Cream. It takes me less than a second to reply to this question. It is a life saver! I also wish it was developed somewhen back in my teen years.

What To Try: La Mav Organic BB Cream

*Image via Don’t tell anyone

When I have to do my makeup in less than 5
minutes, I always apply..
BB cream + mascara + blush or contouring bronzer,
and I am ready to go. Makeup almost never takes me more than 5 minutes (not in
the eyes of my husband though…)

I am obsessed with…organizing. I need
everything to be clean (it can be messy in the studio, but it has to be clean).
I need things to remain on their places. Yeah, I can relate to Monica from

I want to.. see myself constantly
growing, developing new skills and experimenting with new techniques.

And I don’t want to.. ever get bored.

My mantra for happiness is… Craft Your
This is one of the core messages behind our lifestyle brand Knot To Self that we
brought to life together with my husband less than a year ago. This quote is
how we see ourselves happy, fulfilled and proud of our lifetime long projects.

Beauty is.. balance. I believe in a
connection between clear, 
balanced skin and balanced mind. That eventually
created a well-balanced personality.

Don’t forget to.. celebrate
little achievements (big ones come without saying). If you don’t measure your
success by little steps, how can you see the whole picture from the starting

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