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Lip Treatments: How To Pick The Right One

As I have
already mentioned in previous articles I am a skincare and hair care junkie (we
all have our weaknesses, don’t we). On the other hand, I am not much into
makeup – I go for the basic: foundation, mascara, gloss (and some bronzer,
every once in a while). Nevertheless, there is this magical item (I have
always considered it to be somewhere between makeup and skincare) that I absolutely
love – the holy Lip Treatment! There was a time in my life, when I had more
than 25 different tubes and jars, full of lip transforming potions! Did I use
up at least one of them? – No. But I believe you will agree that with lip
treatments, you can never have enough (like you can never have enough bags and
shoes). It’s a girl thing.

Well, I
think you had enough of my confessions. Let’s head into today’s post and see
why lip treatments are so addictive, why you should use them and how to pick
the right color (in case you want a tinted one).

Types of Lip Treatments

treatments can be thick or more liquid like, depending on the way they were
formulated. The thicker ones (balms) have stronger protective properties, while
the ones that are lighter (glosses), soak faster, thus nourish the lips better and restore their suppleness, leaving them smooth and hydrated. Lip treatments come in jars and tubes and it’s a matter of personal preference which one will find its place in your makeup bag.

Why Should I Use Lip Treatments?

Since the
lips do not have sebaceous glands (the sebaceous glands secrete sebum – the oil that lubricates your skin) they get dry easily and are also more susceptible
to damage. Lip treatments form a thin protective layer that preserves the water
locked in and thus helps your lips stay hydrated and chap-free. Another great benefit of the
lip treatments is that they smooth out the lip surface and serve as perfect
base for applying your favorite lipstick. Last but not least, they nourish in depth and improve the overall condition of your lips!

NOTE: Most
lip treatments on the market,
that are not organic, contain petroleum byproducts (primarily mineral oil a.k.a paraffinum liquidum). Please have in
mind that:

  • Mineral oil won’t do any good for
    your lips apart from providing temporary smoothness
  • Petroleum byproducts are likely to
    contain traces of 
    toxic compounds, as a result of poor purification and unregulated
    manufacturing process.

Think about this
before buying a lip treatment. Always read the label and always choose organic
if you care about your health!

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Tinted Lip Treatments

As we don’t
always have time (or we are too lazy) to apply lip treatment, lipstick and
gloss, turning to tinted lip treatments is a great idea that will save you time
and money. Why? Because you get 3 products in one – you get nourishment, hint
of color and shine.

La Mav’s tinted lip treatments come in 3 shades and since, quite often, clients spend
lots of time wondering which color to choose, I decided to prepare a quick visual
guide for those of you who wonder “do I go for Berry or Sheer Pink… or maybe Nude…
?”. Let’s get visual!


The Berry shade is a sheer deep pink that creates berry goodness on the lips. You can wear it alone or apply it over your lipstick to ass shine. The shade looks gorgeous on fair skin.

In her review, Ru from 
Short, Small & Sweet describes it  as “I would describe the color as Medium plummy-rose with shimmer, though the shimmer doesn’t really show up when you wear it. It is comfortable to wear,
leaves a little bit of stain as it wears off from drinking/eating, and
most importantly, doesn’t dry out my lips”

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*If you want to read Ru’s entire review, please follow the link: 
La Mav Organic BB Cream + Tinted Lip Treatment 

Nude & Sheer Pink

The Nude shade is a perfect for everyday because it enhances your natural lip color. It’s not the typical nude shade, though, and it doesn’t fully “mutes” your lip color. It looks lovely when combined with nude lipstick!

The Sheer Pink is a delightful soft shade with
a hint of pink and shimmer and it looks great on tanned skin! 

In here review, Amber from 
Amber’s Beauty Talk says: “The shades are
beautiful and offer just the right amount of color and
pigmentation. They both look lovely on their own as well as over

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*If you want to read Amber’s full review, please follow the link: La Mav Cosmetics/Beauty Review

Oh, and not to forget – on Youtube, you can hear the lovely Gabby talking about La Mav’s Lip Treatments. Check out her swatches!

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