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Whether you are a more natural girl or a full-out glam gal, you want to look good. Make-up can scare some more sporty girls who prefer a more natural look, but don’t let it intimidate you. With a few simple tips and tricks you can achieve the perfect make-up look, without looking like you even have anything on!

Moisturizer Is Your Best Friend

Before you even consider applying any foundation onto your skin, make sure your skin is properly moisturized and allow the moisturizer to absorb into your skin for at least 5 minutes after applying it. If your skin is dry or flaky in spots, foundation is just going to highlight those problem areas and make it look worse, so make sure to invest in a good moisturizer suited to your skin type.

If your skin is dry, then you have to try the Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Crème from LaMav. This incredible moisturizer is formulated with Argan oil and Hyaluronic Acid. With daily use this crème maintains hydration and moisture levels while also reducing visible signs of aging. Your foundation will just glide on.


Blending is the most important word to remember when applying your make-up. Too often girls forget to blend their foundation into their neck or around their eyebrows. This is a dead give away that you are wearing make-up, so make sure to blend, blend, blend.

The most important areas to remember are your neck, around your ears, around your mouth, your hairline and around your nose and eyebrows. If you usually use a sponge, then don’t be afraid to switch it up and use your fingers to really make sure you get your foundation into these areas.

Highlight For A Brightening Effect

For a simple and quick way to brighten your whole face, simply highlight the area right under your brow bone as well as the inner corners of your eyes. This gives you a wide-eyed awake look even if you hardly slept the night before and it doesn’t require much effort to achieve this look. Simply use a light shimmery powder and sweep it under the brow bone and add a dot to the inner corner of each eye, voila!

Tone Down The Bronzer

When applying bronzer use a light hand and gradually build up the color. It doesn’t matter how perfect your foundation is applied, if you use a heavy hand with the bronzer you will ruin the whole look. A great tip is to apply your make-up in natural light as a pose to in stark lighting where your make-up might look okay, but then look overdone when you step outside.

For a chemical-free organic bronzer that feels gorgeous on your skin try the Sunkissed Bronzer from LaMav, which is infused with Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil providing proven anti-ageing benefit while also nourishing and protecting your skin from free radicals. It also contains SPF15, which will protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun.


These are just a few of the most common issues girls have with their make-up and how to correct it. If you have anything to add please share in the comments below!

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