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3 Essential Makeup Tips For Acne-Prone Skin

Acne can be very annoying, especially the type that just won’t go away
no matter what you do. Good thing we always have makeup to conceal whatever
imperfections we have and to gain our confidence back.

Wait! Doesn’t makeup cause acne?

The belief that
applying makeup
regularly is the reason why people get acne
is wide spread and sadly, a lot
of women consider it to be legit. Truth be told, 
makeup can aggravate acne related skin issues, but is not, by no means, the underlying cause for it. Due
to the high amount of acne-related inquiries we get, will share with you some useful
makeup tips to help you keep your skin healthy and acne-free.

Pick Minerals Over Liquid/Cream Foundations

As we said in the beginning, makeup may not be the cause of acne but there are certain formulations that can worsen this unpleasant
skin condition. If you are struggling with acne, try to avoid the following
types of foundations: thick liquid/creamy formulas, sticks, cream-to-powder and
pancake. Same applies for blush and bronzer.

The above mentioned types of formulas usually contain ingredients that
can cause breakouts, by clogging pores and trapping more impurities. Technically,
anything too greasy or too thick is a no-no. And if you still believe that these
types of product are the only ones that provide good coverage and will allow
you to hide your breakouts with ease, let me tell you 
a bit more about mineral makeup.

The main minerals used in the
manufacturing or mineral makeup are zinc oxide, titanium oxide and iron oxide.
These minerals are mined from the earth (i.e they are 100% natural) and then
ground or milled, until their size is so small that they can be used to
formulate fine powders and foundations. Zinc Oxide is recognized for its great anti-inflammatory
properties, which for a person struggling with acne is a huge plus. Apart from
that minerals are super long-lasting, buildable (you decide how much coverage you need) and
offer natural broad spectrum SPF! Did I mention minerals feel really light on the
skin – as if you’re not even wearing makeup? Enough reasons to give them a try,

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“Take the Day Off”

Nope, I don’t mean take leave from work (you can do this as well, if you
feel like it, but don’t blame it on me if your boss gets angry). What I mean is
– please, remove all the filth from your skin at the end of day (excuses for
not doing it are not accepted!) And if you want to cheat, be sure your angry
skin will pay you back with a few pimples that will pop-out-of-nowhere when you
wake up the next day. We don’t want that, right?

Speaking of cleansing, I’d like to mention that 
acne-prone skin doesn’t require super strong products to be cleansed in depth, regardless of whether you are
wearing makeup every day or no. Harsh cleansers that contain SLES and other aggressive
foaming agents 
strip your skin off its natural oil, making it produce even
more, which results in oilier skin and more clogged pores. We don’t want any of
these, that’s for sure. 

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Regularly Cleanse Your Makeup Brushes

Little by
little, with daily use, the brushes/sponges we use get covered with old makeup,
oil (yes, your own sebum), dead skin cells, and the worst – all kinds of bacteria
(eeew!). Pretty good reason to 
wash your brushes on a regular basis, isn’t it?

When it
comes to how and how often you need to cleanse your brushes you can read a lot
of different opinions over the net. Nonetheless, the rule of thumb is – if you
use your makeup brushes daily, cleanse them at least once every week.

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There are
many different ways to cleanse your brushes but the ones we trust most are –
castile soap or SLES free shampoo. Optionally, you can add a few drops of tea
tree oil to the soap/shampoo you’ll be using to cleanse your brushes, as tea
tree oil has anti-bacterial properties. Below I have the cleansing process
summarized for you:

1) First, wet the bristles with water. Make sure it is
soaking wet.

2) Place some shampoo and a few drops of tea tree oil
(optional) into your palm.

3) Swirl the bristles of your brush for about a minute
in your palm. You’ll notice change in the colour of the shampoo, which means
the impurities (and the makeup “leftovers”) are starting to dissolve

4) Rinse your brush thoroughly and dry it – make sure
to place it upside down. NEVER ever dry your brush with the bristles facing
upwards, as this will weaken the glue that’s holding the bristles together and will
cause shedding

PS: If you don’t use makeup brushes, and you prefer applying makeup using
your fingers, then make sure your hands are always clean. 

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