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Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

3 Makeup Tricks To Improve The Appearance Of Dry Skin

Call me crazy, but growing up, I have always been so envious of girls my age with dry skin (I was the one with the shiny, oily, you-can-cook-an-egg-on type of skin). I thought, “They are so lucky, not having to deal with an oily t-zone and they even have super tiny barely-there pores!” I felt like the
world was unfair! Little did I know that dry skin was just as much trouble as oily skin. Now that I’m older (and wiser, I hope), I feel like my sebaceous glands are starting to fail me, and my skin has been getting dryer with every passing year, especially during the winter season. And now I must admit – yes,
dry skin is just as hard to deal with as oily skin! Ugh!

Speaking of dry skin, I bet a lot of you are having difficulties hiding those annoying dry patches that occasionally “invade” your face. Probably, you are also trying really hard to make your skin appear healthier, even though it looks like desert – dehydrated and lifeless, and the mission seems impossible. Wondering how to add some glow to your otherwise perfect complexion? Let’s go through some quick and easy makeup tips that will change the appearance of your skin entirely!

Infuse Skin with Moisture (Not Only Prior To Applying Makeup)

Make sure to moisturize your skin, not just right before applying makeup, but on a regular basis. Drink lots and lots of water (especially you, coffee drinkers!) and use moisturizer daily – by skipping it, you are not doing a favor to your skin, trust me. It takes just a moment but it pays off in the long run. In order to eliminate flakiness you need to lubricate, hydrate and nourish your skin every single day (preferably with products that are organic, as they are good for your skin, for your body and for the environment).

Looking for a good moisturizer? Let us help!

La Mav moisturizers are certified organic, cruelty free and 100% vegan! Formulated with potent plant oils and bio-actives they reach the deepest layers of the skin and act on cellular lever to deliver outstanding results naturally! Quench the thirst of your skin for a healthy glow with no match!

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“Pat On”
Your Makeup

Another trick to mask general skin dryness is to avoid “gliding on” your makeup when applying it.
This goes for:
foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer. Brushing on your
makeup will make the dryness more visible and is also likely to irritate the
skin (not in all cases, but quite often, dryness goes hand in hand with hypersensitivity
and the least thing reactive skin needs is brushing). Instead of “gliding on”, “pat
on” the products you are using with a dense brush (flat concealer brush,
kabuki brush or foundation brush). Patting on your makeup gently is the perfect way to
achieve satin-soft flawless looking skin.
Bonus: This application technique
will help your makeup last longer!

La Mav Mineral Makeup Range offers chemical-free alternative for those of you who want to green their beauty routine and go toxic-free. La Mav is the first company to infuse 100% Pure Minerals with both Vitamin C and Certified Organic Rosehip Oil for a unique anti-ageing, skin transforming formula!

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Choose Creamy Lip Formulas

When your skin is dry,
chances are
your lips are chapped and dehydrated. And what’s the best way to
deal with chapped lips? Creamy lip treatments! No one says that this means
giving up on color – lots of companies offer
tinted lip treatments that heal the lips and at the same time enhance their natural color. When infused with
natural plant oils and potent bio-actives, lip treatments will nourish and
protect your lips, making them look plump and healthy in no time!

Packed with Bio-Active ingredients including CoEnzyme Q10Pomegranate OilVitamin E, Sea Buckthorn Oil, La Mav’s Tinted Lip Treatments were created to fight the visible signs of aging on the area that is most prone to the first sign of aging: the lips. The treatments come in three delightful shades: berry, nude and sheer pink. Pick yours and give your lips a hint of colour and the oh-so-needed dose of hydration!

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PS: Avoid matte
lipsticks at all costs! Applying matte lipsticks to dry lips is like applying
lipstick on sand paper! Do your lips a favor and choose creamy moisturizing lip
products instead.

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