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3 Essential Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Dewy, glowing skin is gorgeous unless… the radiance is a
result of your skin going overboard with oil production. Eek! Those of you, who
suffer from “super energetic” sebaceous glands, know what I am talking about!
Oily skin is anything else but eye appealing.

But, hey – it’s not the end of the world!
Even if you
sebaceous glands are
there is still a chance for you to look great wearing makeup
and more
importantly – to have that makeup stay on your face all day.

I’ve been struggling with oil skin for years and, thankfully,
I’ve won the battle. And as a winner I’d like to share what I’ve found to be
effective and worth the investment, in terms of products, tools and techniques.

Moisturize Your Skin

When you have oily skin, quite often, you skip applying
moisturizer, because you think it’s what makes your skin even shinier. Truth be
told – it’s exactly the opposite. Our oil glands are pretty smart. When they
feel that our skin is dry, they produce oil to lubricate it and to prevent
moisture loss. In other words – if you dry out your skin intentionally, by kicking
hydrating creams out of your beauty routine, be sure your sebaceous glands will
punish you for this.

Note: Not all moisturizers
are thick and rich, neither all of them feel heavy on the skin or clog pores.
The beauty market offers a great variety of light, easy to absorb textures,
suitable for people with 
combination/oily skin.

Hydrating serums are another good option – they have watery
texture, soak into the skin immediately, without leaving greasy residues or “coating”
your skin.

What To Try: La Mav Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Max Serum

An ultra-hydrating serum designed to give dehydrated skin a powerful shield to lock in moisture and restore glowing softness, comfort and radiance. We’ve taken Hyaluronic Acid and combined it with Argania Spinosa extract for a visible skin transformation. Suitable for all skin types, thanks to its ultra light formula.

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Use a Primer

When it comes to makeup, primers are 
über essential,
regardless of your skin type. If you’ve been reading 
my past articles, you probably
think I already sound like a broken record, because I mention this over and
over again. The reason is that, picking the right primer for your skin type and
using it prior to makeup application, can make a HUGE difference. Primers meant
for oily skin will mask large pores, eliminate oiliness, and keep your makeup
from fading within the day.

Note: If you want to save money you can also try with a
mattifying BB cream. It will hydrate your skin, even its surface, 
add luminosity and… will work as a primer, of course.

What To Try: La Mav Organic BB Cream

La Mav Organic BB Crème is the ultimate multi-tasker and must have product for your makeup bag. Apart from being the perfect colour-balancing makeup base, La Mav Organic BB Crème also provides strong anti-ageing benefits  and natural protection from the sun, all whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. 

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Choose Powder
Foundations Over Liquid Ones

I’ve found for myself that every time I use liquid or cream
foundations, my skin looks icky by midday. Either it’s gone cakey or part of my
makeup has performed the disappearing act. That is why I’ve chosen 
mineral powders to be my go-to foundations. With the right primer + a dense kabuki brush,
mineral foundations can last all day, regardless of what you are doing. Even
after yoga, naps (with my face plunged into a pillow) or an hour of jogging, my
makeup is still there! No joke!

Note: In case you are not a fan of mineral foundation
and you prefer to stick to liquid or creamy ones, just make sure to always
finish with a 
mattifying/setting powder

What To Try: La Mav Mineral Makeup Line

La Mav Anti-Ageing Minerals offer a chemical-free option for those of you who want to green their beauty routine and go toxic-free. La Mav is the first company to infuse 100% Pure Minerals with both Vitamin C and Certified Organic Rosehip Oil for a unique anti-ageing, skin transforming formula!

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And now tell us – do you have any secret makeup tricks that help you handle oily skin? Share them with us, in the comments below – we’d love to give them a try!

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