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4 Makeup Tips To Help You “Cover” Rosacea

Finding the
best makeup for your skin can be tough (and I don’t mean just colorwise). We’ve
all been there and we know it – discovering our own beauty holy grail takes
time, money and patience. Now imagine, if you have specific skin concerns like
redness, pimples and hypersensitivity (all in one)?! Suddenly, finding makeup that works for you and give you naturally looking flawless skin becomes
even harder. If you have 
rosacea, you get the point.

Did you
know, though, that there are some easy tricks that can literally transform your
beauty routine and make your life much easier, even if you are struggling with
rosacea (and all skin concerns that go hand in hand with it)?

Rosacea doesn’t
have to “stand for”
and ridiculous-amounts-of-money-spent-on-high-end-makeup-products! Not anymore.

Start With A Base

Good makeup
base/primer is a must if you want good coverage and long-lasting look (no one
likes to do touch-ups during the day, right?). Applying a base will facilitate
the actual makeup application – your foundation will blend smoothly, allowing
you to get the results you want in less time and with less effort + your skin will
stay perfect all-day-long!

If you have
redness prone skin, try with green or yellowish base, because both the green and
the yellow color neutralize the red one. Once you have toned down the redness,
it will be easier for you to cover the tiny imperfections left.

Note: If you
are skeptic about makeup bases, alternatively, you can try 
BB creams. BB creams
are true miracle workers – they moisturize, even the skin surface and the skin
tone, add nice healthy glow, nourish your skin in depth, to prevent the visible
signs of aging and perform impressively well when used as makeup base. 

New to BB Creams? Let us suggest one!

La Mav Organic BB Crème is not only the perfect colour balancing makeup base, but it also provides an anti-ageing remedy and natural protection from the sun all whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. Reduce your daily makeup routine down to one highly effective product that is easy to apply and very affordable. La Mav BB Crème is perfect for those with hypersensitive skin, or conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema and Acne.

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The Right Application Technique

Start by blending
your foundation/BB cream, until you achieve even and balanced skin tone. Then, in
the zones where you need more coverage, tap instead of blending (be it with
your fingers or with makeup brush). When you blend, you spread the product “too
much” and thus reduce its coverage. Tapping it the best way to layer your
foundation and at the same time get a natural finish – be it over the red zones
or any areas of your face that needs some proper concealing.

Note: In
order to avoid irritations, don’t rub or stretch your skin too hard and always
choose gentle makeup brushes.

Consider Mineral Makeup

makeup has been around for decades and is preferred by many, not only because
it’s safer and more natural (compared to regular foundations, loaded with
harmful chemicals), but also because it provides natural long-lasting finish and
it protects your skin from the sun (both from UVA & UVB rays). Being super
gentle and non-irritating, 
minerals are great pick for people with rosacea 
even for those struggling with ultra-sensitive skin.

Another plus
mineral makeup has is that it’s buildable. This means you don’t need 3 separate
products to obtain a flawless finish. A few more “puffs” with the kabuki brush over
the zones that need more coverage and you are ready to go. Effortlessly

Bonus tip: Finishing
with a slightly yellow setting/
mattifying powder is another way to keep your
makeup at place and to tone down the redness. Apply it in moderation, to avoid
the unwanted “powdery” look.

La Mav Mineral foundation is a concealer, foundation, sunscreen and powder all-in-one that provides a flawless finish, giving your skin a natural and radiant look without clogging pores or causing irritation. La Mav Anti-Ageing Minerals™ offer a chemical-free alternative to traditional foundations and are suitable for all skin type and conditions.

All products in our Anti Ageing Minerals™ line are infused with Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil providing proven anti-ageing benefit while also nourishing and protecting your skin from free radicals!

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Easy With Shimmer

Though I am
a huge fan of highlighters, I know when I can and when I can’t use them. The
problem with shimmery products is that aside from giving lovely glow to your
skin they draw attention to any imperfections on the skin surface. Since
rosacea often causes appearance of bumps (sometimes similar to pimples)
reaching for a highlighter may not be a very good idea. If you want to “awake”
your skin after you are done concealing, you can opt for a less shimmery bronzer,
for example. If you have pale skin, apply just a tiny bit, in order to avoid
looking “cakey”. If you can’t get it right the first time, don’t worry – it may
take several applications, before you master the skill of getting a nice sun-kissed
finish, but it’s totally worth the effort and the patience!

La Mav Sunkissed Bronzer provides a beautiful natural sun-kissed glow to your skin all year round. Perfect for contouring facial features especially cheekbones nose and chin. Simply buff the Bronzer with La Mav Vegan Kabuki Brush and you’re ready to go with a natural bronze look.

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How do you “hide” rosacea? Share with us your makeup secrets for dealing with rosacea in the comment section below! We are curious to know how you take care of your skin and what you do to make it look perfect!

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