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My Everyday Beauty Routine

My Everyday Beauty Routine

My Skin Care Regimen + Skin Care Essentials

After I let you have a sneak peek inside my makeup bag, I decided you might be interested in finding out what I use on daily basis, starting from the morning skin care regimen and ending with my nightly beauty rituals

Morning Beauty Routine

I always start my day with a toner – to refresh my skin and to prepare it for the forthcoming plethora of beauty items. Even though I don’t have oily skin, I use pore refining tone for oily/combination skin, because it tightens my face,  shrinks pores and allows me to achieve flawless finish when I apply makeup.

After the toner I apply anti-aging serum. Even though I am still 26, I already have quite a lot of wrinkles, so serum is essential for me. I use either serum with hyaluronic acid or one that is enriched with vitamin C. The serum is followed by eye cream and rich, super-hydrating moisturizing cream – it plumps up my skin, illuminates it and smoothes out its surface. Quite often I add a drop of Argan oil or Camellia oil to my moisturizer, for extra nourishment and glow.

If I am not planning to wear makeup I finish with sunscreen (I have sun allergy so I always use sunscreen with SPF50+).

Mid-day Beauty Fixes

Mid-day beauty fixes (as I usually call them) include express products that serve as quick fix, when your skin doesn’t feel (and look) its best. For example, if you have oily skin, I suppose you never leave the house without putting a pack of blotting paper in your handbag. Same with me, but instead of blotting paper, since I have ultra-dry skin, I always carry a hydrating facial mist in my bag.



My skin tends to loose water more rapidly than it should, hence, no matter how potent my morning moisturizer is, I always end up with dull-looking complexion around lunch time. I discovered facial mists a few years ago and ever since then, they’ve been my hero! Facial mists re-hydrate the skin, help your makeup look more natural and give your skin a remarkable glow.

Evening Beauty Routine

Regardless of how tired I am, I never allow myself to skip even one step of my evening routine, because I know that the next day my skin will awful – dull, rough and lifeless (when I say “awful”, I mean it”).

As you can guess I start off by removing my makeup – first with cream cleanser and then with micellar water (I am obsessed with micellar water and I highly recommend them if you have dry/sensitive skin).

My next step is exfoliation. It may sound a bit extreme to some, but I exfoliate my skin every other evening (with gentle facial scrub), because my skin sheds a lot and if I don’t get rid of the dry patches in the evening, the next day my makeup ends up looking very bad.

When I have my skin clean and smooth I apply nightly cream, followed by rich eye cream. I finish with Argan oil or nectar, to seal the moisture in and to nourish my skin in depth. Then I go to bed and I let all organic ingredients work their magic. The next morning I wake up to fresh, radiant skin, ready to seize the day with confidence.

Now it’s your turn – tell me about your beauty routine! What are your favorite products? What is your Holy Grail beauty item? Share it with me in the comments below, I am sure I can “steal” some ideas from you! 

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