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    Natural Hair Remedies that Work Wonders



    Natural Hair Remedies that Work Wonders

    Most women dream about having gorgeous, long and healthy hair but they often associate it with expensive and time consuming in-salon procedures and pricey products. The truth, however, is a bit different. Spending hundreds of dollars at your hairdresser is not the only way to make your hair look amazing! There are some at-home tricks you can apply to revive your locks and keep them healthy – read on to find out what they are:

    Healthy scalp means healthy hair

    First and foremost we have to pay attention to the scalp, because well-nourished skin is one of the main predispositions for healthy hair. The growth directly depends on the condition of our scalp. One of the most popular oils, proven to strengthen the scalp and promote growth (due to high concentration of vitamin E, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids) is Almond oil (other oils can also do the trick – olive oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, argan oil). Simply apply the almond (or other) oil several hours before taking a bath, so that the skin has plenty of time to absorb the nutrients from it.

    Maintaining a healthy length

    For the lengths of your hair the best natural remedies proven in time, according to many women, are Coconut oil and Shea Butter. Not only that they are deeply nourishing but they also form a protective layer that prevents your lengths from being over-dried from the aggressive detergents in the shampoos. This simple trick will help you keep your hair healthy and there will be no need to visit the hair dresser that often.

    Leave in treatments

    As an alternative of the widely used serums, containing mainly silicones that may weight down your hair after prolonged use, you can try again with oils. The main idea of the leave in treatments is to lock the moisture into the hair. The same effect can be obtained with a few drops of Jojoba oil applied at the ends – it leaves the hair super shiny, soft and manageable.

    Herbal infusions for hair

    Herbal infusions have been used in many cultures as hair treatment for ages. Some of the most popular are made from Nettle, Chamomile and Rosemary. Due to the fact Nettle is rich in iron it strengthens the hair from the roots and significantly minimizes hair loss. It also helps balancing the sebum secretion and can be effective in fighting dandruff. Both Rosemary and Chamomile boost shine, and Chamomile is also known to lighten blond hair and make it more resistant. Hair infusions are used as a replacement of the last rinse off with water before you go out of the bathroom.

    The good thing about turning to natural solutions and making them part of your hair routine is that even if they do not work for you (I should say that I highly doubt it), as good as they do for others, they will not do you any harm. And remember – you may not see the results immediately, but with time and patience you will definitely see the change. And believe me – it is totally worth it!

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