Nature’s facelift – Are You Kidding?

Nature’s facelift – Are You Kidding?

Coming from the veterinary industry, I know all too well the harmful effects of botulism. It is a harmful neurotoxin that can affect both humans and animals and once the subject is infected, can cause rapid paralysis and even death. It is known as one of the most toxic substances known to man. It was even considered to be used as a biological weapon!

So why would we be wanting to inject it into our face?

Back in 1980, scientists discovered that they could use this substance to treat certain disorders in humans and in 2002 was approved by the FDA to be used for cosmetic improvements.

Today Injectable Face lift is widely available and used across the globe to help treat wrinkles and relax the facial muscles to give a more “youthful” appearance. Being a certified organic skin care brand, the use of such ingredients, even if they were available to be incorporated into a cream does not radiate well with our ethos. Hibiscus escelentus extract or “nature’s face uplift” as it is commonly known, on the other hand does.

The hibiscus herb commonly know as okra or ladyfinger was discovered to have many medical benefits for the skin.

American researchers discovered an active ingredient which, when applied to the skin, develops an effective anti-aging activity. Hibiscus extract has been demonstrated, thanks to its high concentration of “biomimetic” natural oligopeptides, the extract inhibits muscle contraction, with the cosmetic effect reflected in the skin of “reduction of expression lines”. It was found that hibiscus esculentus contains a muscle-relaxing mechanism which inhibits the frequency of contractions, mimicking the action of botulinum toxin and with an effect lasting for hours.

The Oligopeptides of the Hibiscus are small protein fractions similar to those of the dermis’s support structures. These peptides help to smooth out expression lines.

The researchers also demonstrated that Hibiscus has high antioxidant activity, inhibiting the formation of free radicals and so increasing the skin’s defenses against exogenous and endogenous aggressions.

Results: facial features and wrinkles appear more relaxed, skin texture is firmer and more homogeneous with a cosmetic effect of overall rejuvenation.


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