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3 Gorgeous Looks For New Year’s Eve (And Tips To Make Them Last Longer) 

Looking best
for the biggest night of the year doesn’t have to cost you lots of money and
hours spent at the salon. And trust me – you don’t have to be a makeup artist
to make yourself pretty in less than 30 minutes. This year, together, we’ll
rediscover 3 easy-to-recreate makeup looks that never get out of fashion. Classy, sexy and

Let’s have
the prettiest holiday season ever!

Smoky Eye and Nude Lips

Creating the
perfect smoky eye may seem like a difficult task to some of you, but actually it isn’t. Viva Pinterest
and YouTube! If you want to master the smoky eye technique, there are plenty of tutorials
to learn from. Check out this one!

Still, because I’d like to make your life easier, let me give you the 3
basic rules for creating the perfect smoky eye:

 Apply light, champagne shade as a base, to make the colors pop out

Define the crease of the eye with a soft, fluffy brush, to ensure better
blending and long lasting results. The more you blend, the more natural it will

If you want your eyes to look bolder, when you are done with the whole look, apply a thin line of black eyeshadows as eye liner

Do you know
what’s best about the smoky eye? It goes well with everything! Regardless of
whether you are going for skinny jeans and oversize white shirt or you want to
rock a sexy dress and stiletto heels, the smoky eye pairs up with everything perfectly!

Pro-tip: Always complete the smoky eye with subtle nude lips, to draw the attention to the eyes.

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Cat Eye and Red Lips

What goes
well with a sleek, red/black dress? Cat eyes and bold, red lips! If we have to
talk trends – matte is just as trendy as the “dewy look” so why not go for a
matte look this year? Who says that New Year’s Eve has to be all glitter and

If you don’t
feel comfortable using liquid eyeliner, alternatively, you can wet your favorite
black eyeshadows and use them instead. Make sure to pick eyeshadows that are
rich in pigment and build up the color with a few layers.

Pro-tip: Exfoliate your lips before applying
lipstick. If you don’t want to spend additional money on products for exfoliation,
you can use the most basic homemade scub: olive oil + brown sugar. Red (especially
matte) looks stunning on perfectly smooth lips!

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Natural Glow

I’ve always love
simple looks. And my New Year’s Eve makeup is no exception. My personal favorite is (and
always will be): fresh complexion + 
rosy lips + a bit of mascara + a light touch
of highlighter and 
some bronzer to give light to the face. As simple as this
combo may sound, it has the power to “wake up” every skin type and tone and
transform you into Cinderella in no time.

Pro-tip: For the perfect dewy look, always
start with 
facial mist, to give your skin the moisture it needs, and lock it
with a 
rich, hydrating face cream. The prefect canvas for creating a luminous
complexion and natural glow!

PS: Don’t forget you can use facial mist to refresh your makeup and to soften it when you need to do a re-touch.

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