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Let us tell you why our prices have changed…

At La Mav, one of our most important creeds is transparency – we’re transparent about our ingredients, processes, ethics, and, yes, prices. We’ve changed our prices, and rather than do so and not say anything, we’re letting you know all about it, and why it happened.

What is the price change? 

In most cases, the retail cost went up approximately 1/5th (20%). Not all prices increased – for example, the prices on our bestselling Complete Collections have stayed the same, making them an even larger value than they were before!

Why did the prices increase? 

As you probably know, every La Mav product that’s eligible is certified organic. And we mean the entire product: we don’t employ questionable marketing tactics such as “certified organic base ingredients” or “all natural”. A certified organic product means virtually each and every ingredient needs to be certified organic, as well. For example, there are thousands of organically grown roses in our Rosehip oil alone, and growing organic flowers isn’t cheap.

Did La Mav just want more profit? 

Actually, no – we simply need to maintain the same margin we’ve maintained for years so that we can pay the bills! Our profits have been slowly shrinking as expenses crept up in 2014/15, which forced us to increase our prices. 
Unlike traditional cosmetics companies with profit margins measured in the thousands of percent, our profit margin is literally measured in a single digit. Most non-organic skincare and makeup are formulated with ingredients that are either incredibly cheap or are obtained for free (chemical plant waste, petroleum refinery byproducts, animal waste – for example, did you know that virtually every mascara is formulated with bat guano?!). Our ingredients are certifications are very expensive. 
Traditional cosmetics require no certification cost, as there are virtually no regulations on what a skincare product can contain if it’s not certified organic (all natural, or ‘certified organic base incredients’ is NOT the same thing!).

Will price changes happen frequently? 

Nope – prices will change once per year or less.

We hope we’ve covered all questions you might have about our price increases. If not, give us a call, email us, or reach out via live chat! Thank you very much for being loyal to La Mav. Have a wonderful week!