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Read My Lips: 3 Tips For A Perfectly Puckered Pout!

Read My Lips: 3 Tips For A Perfectly Puckered Pout!

You may take great care of your skin, but when applying your favourite moisturizer, do you think about your lips? Do you have a lip treatment that you apply every day? Your lips show signs of aging easily and also lose collagen and therefore fullness, as you age.

Lipsticks are fantastic to make you feel confident and who doesn’t love a sexy red lip, but the fact is that lipsticks and even many lip glosses are very drying on your lips.

Here are some tips to have sexier, fuller and happier lips!

1. Exfoliate

This might sound complicated, but is so much easier than you may think. For a quick, natural DIY lip exfoliation all you need is sugar. Simply massage sugar in gentle circular motions on damp lips and rinse. Your lips will be oh so soft! Health tip: use raw sugar, & don’t eat it!

2. Moisturise

Lips dry out the more than any other part of your body, especially during winter. To keep them hydrated make sure to moisturize them everyday. Jojoba oil is an excellent lip moisturiser, but if you want a lip treatment that you can wear during the day that provides a little bit of colour then the La Mav Tinted Lip Treatment is perfect for you. Packed with Bio-Active ingredients such as CoEnzyme Q10, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Oil, these little treatments are available in three gorgeous colours; sheer pink, nude and berry.

These lip treatments are good enough to eat!

3. Apply Lipstick with Your Fingers

If your lips are peeling, but you really want to wear that new gorgeous fuchsia shade, then make sure you exfoliate well before and apply a balm before applying your lipstick. Instead of swiping the lipstick onto your lips straight from the tube, rather apply the colour to your finger and dab it on until you have the desired intensity of colour you are going for.

This prevents more skin from peeling and in fact covers peeling lips. It also provides a stain effect that will last a lot longer than if applying straight from the container.

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