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3 Must-Have Products for Spring-Ready Skin

The transition from colder to warmer months usually affects
our skin in a negative way, leaving it lackluster, dehydrated and flaky. Since
winter is already behind our back, it’s time to revamp our beauty routine and
adjust it to the current needs of our skin. Not sure where to start? We are
here to help! This week we’d like to share with you 3 of our must-have products
for spring that are absolute game-changers.

Cleansing Cream

When our skin is dehydrated/dry, the last thing it needs is harsh cleanser. Using a harsh cleanser can further disrupt the protective barrier of
the skin, which will interfere with its ability to retain moisture.

We recommend: Opt
for mild, creamy cleansers, enriched with essential fatty acids and nutrients, to
help replenish the lipid barrier of the skin and restore moisture levels. Believe
it or not, even though cream cleanser don’t lather, they are just as effective
at removing impurities and makeup, as foaming cleansers are. What’s even better
– once you are finished with the whole cleansing ritual, you’ll immediately
notice that your skin is smoother, softer and more glowing.

What to Try: La Mav Hydra Calm Cleansing Creme

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Gentle Face Scrub

During the colder months, the natural shedding of epidermal
cells tends to slow down. As a result, when spring is knocking at our door, quite
often, we welcome it with dull, uneven complexion and skin that is anything but

We recommend: The
best way to revitalize your skin and restore its natural glow, is to introduce
a gentle facial scrub into your skin care routine and use it 2-3 times a week. Apart
from removing dead cells and impurities, exfoliation improves micro circulation
and stimulated blood flow, allowing your skin to receive more oxygen and
nutrients. The result – luminous complexion, rosy cheeks and perfectly smooth

What to Try: La Mav Jojoba Beads & Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub

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BB Cream

Heavy makeup might be a good choice when the weather outside
is cold, but during the warmer months it’s a big
no-no. Not only it doesn’t
allow the skin to breath, it also cakes up easily (especially when temperatures rise)
and it is more likely to cause clogged pores and breakouts.

We recommend: BB creams are the best, all-in-one makeup product for spring. BB creams, also
known as “beauty balms”, provide gorgeous natural finish, thanks to their
advanced color-adapting, lightweight formula. Most BB creams are enriched with
skin-loving ingredients like natural oils, vitamin and peptides, which makes
them especially beneficial for the skin. BB creams protect, hydrate and nourish
(without clogging pores!) and are ideal for those days when you want to look
your best, without spending an hour in from of the mirror.

What to Try: La Mav Organic BB Creme


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What is your fav skin care product for this spring? Tell us in the comments below – we’d love to try it!