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Macadamia Oil for Healthy Skin and Beautiful Hair

I’ve been experimenting with oils. I won’t lie if I tell you that I have more
than 10 different oils in my bathroom and each one has been carefully assessed
and labeled as “favorite”, “it’s okay” or “won’t repeat”. I have pretty dry
skin and even though the common belief is that oils are wonderful for dry skin,
truth be told, finding an oil that will actually nourish and soften your
“thirty” skin is not an easy task. Nevertheless, today, I am happy to announce
that I’ve found my holy grail! If you want to learn more about the magical
properties of macadamia oil, read on!

Wrinkles – Be Gone!

The key
component found in Macadamia oil, that makes it super-extra-special, is
palmitoleic acid – omega 7 fatty acid, that has chemical profile very close to
the chemical profile of sebum – the natural oil your skin produces to protect
and lubricate itself. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin starts to produce less
and less palmitoleic acid, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and makes
our skin look saggy (I don’t like this word, but sadly it describes a stage we
all get to, sooner or later).

Macadamia oil has the highest content of palmitoleic acid than any other plant
oil, it’s the best pick if you want more youthful and radiant skin (and if you
want it to stay that way as long as possible). By mimicking the action of
sebum, Macadamia oil lubricates the skin naturally, preserving its suppleness. Besides
that – Macadamia oil is rich vitamin E which plays key role in protecting your
skin from free radicals (one of the leading causes of premature aging). 


Bye, Bye Dry Skin!

When we talk
about dry skin, we have to mention that the cause for it is usually complex and
it’s important to target the root of the problem. Often, dry skin has the integrity
of its hydro lipid barrier disrupted. Since the lipid barrier is not fully
functional it is unable to prevent water from evaporating and leaving the
cells. Dry skin looks lifeless, dull and tired, because with water loss the
cells also lose their “turgor” – like a flower that hasn’t been watered for

Here is where Macadamia oil steps in! Because of its richness in Linoleic
and Palmitoleic acid, Macadamia oil works wonders as moisturizer, leaving your
skin soft, hydrated and smooth. It help restore skin’s lipid barrier, which
ensures healthier skin in the long run. And did I mention applying it on the
skin feels oh-so-nice!?

La Mav’s Nourish Body Moisturizer is a moisture-locking blend of beautiful organic ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. It hydrates dry, dehydrated and neglected skin while restoring and maintaining the moisture barrier of the skin to improve skin tone. La Mav’s Body Lotion is ideal for skin that is dehydrated, dry, neglected and sensitive. For even better results you can combine it with La Mav’s Coffee Bean Body Scrub that gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it smooth and ready to absorb all nutrients from the lotion.

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Hello, Healthy Locks!

I have found
that macadamia oil can be a bit heavy for thin hair, if used as leave on
treatment. However, if you have thick hair – this is your oil! Forget about
those expensive, well marketed serums full of silicones, that do nothing but
provide fake gloss – Macadamia oil is your hair’s new best friend. Macadamia
oil adds incredible shine and softness, reduces frizz and makes your hair way
more manageable. With regular use, it will restore the integrity of the hair
shaft (in case you’ve been playing with the flat iron way too much, you’ll need
that) – your hair will become stronger and more resistant to external damage. And
the best thing is – you need just a tiny bit of Macadamia oil to get these
wonderful results.

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Another way
you can use Macadamia Oil is as pre shower nourishing hair treatment. My
favorite combo is 2 table spoons of Macadamia oil and 3 table spoons of 
Coconut oil. Once you apply the mixture leave it for at least one hour and then shower
as usual, using a gentle SLES free shampoo. If you turn this into a regular
beauty ritual, you’ll see significant improvement in the overall condition of
your hair – you can have my word for it! PS: You can thank me later  

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