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How To Get Youthful Skin With Natural Oils

Sooner or
later, we all have to deal with wrinkles. Sad but true.

There are
many things we can avoid in life, but unfortunately wrinkles are not one of
them. We all want “Miraculous results in 14
days”, “Baby-smooth skin in one week” 
or “Instant wrinkle-erasing with one
application only” 
but let’s be realistic – your
wrinkles didn’t appear overnight, and it’s highly unlikely for them to
disappear in a matter of days. So instead of going after unrealistic claims and splurging on insanely expensive creams, why not turn to nature? 

Today, we’d
like to introduce you 3 of our favorite anti-aging vegetable oils – natural elixirs
that will restore your skin’s healthy glow and help you “slow down the clock”. Can you get wrinkle-free skin, naturally? Yes, you can!

Argan Oil

Argan oil,
also known as “liquid gold,” is extracted from the kernels of the argan three
and is one of the most worshiped natural plant oils in the beauty industry.

Above all,
Argan oil is famous for its superb
anti-aging and
skin reviving properties. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin A and vitamin E, the precious Moroccan oil protects our skin cells from free
radicals, promotes collagen synthesis (hence improves skin’s elasticity) and
aids in the formation of new cell membranes, that are stronger and more
resistant to external damage.

The high
content of essential fatty acids makes Argan oil wonderful for nourishing the
skin – with regular application you’ll notice that your skin becomes smoother
and more radiant.

Since it is
pretty lightweight, Argan oil penetrates with ease, reaching the deepest layers
of the skin. Not only argan oil strengthens the skin from within but it also
restores and maintains skin’s natural lipid barrier and this way prevents
dehydration. Besides that, Argan oil improves water retention i.e. locks
moisture inside the skin cells – another reason why it is our favorite all-natural

Rosehip Oil

With the
years passing we tend to lose more and more body water – our skin starts to look
lifeless and we get more fine lines and wrinkles. And as if this is not enough,
another unpleasant change that comes with the age is the formation of dark spots on the skin. Thankfully we have one solution for all of these concerns –
Rosehip oil!

Apart from
being superb moisturizing agent, Rosehip oil has very high natural vitamin C
Vitamin C plays key role in the collagen synthesis (more
elastic and firm skin – yay!) and also enhances skin’s natural healing process
(bye, bye marks from old blemishes). Besides that, Vitamin C has brightening effect – it evens the skin tone and reduces pigmentation to give you clear
complexion and youthful glow. Last but
not least, vitamin C protects the cells from free-radicals, which is essential
for keeping them healthy.

Always look for 100% pure organic oils! This is the ultimate guarantee their incredible properties are fully preserved! Your skin will appreciate it!

La Mav Pure Oil Therapy Range offers a variety of carefully selected, pure, organic, cold-pressed plant oil that are going to transform the appearance of your skin naturally!

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Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is
fat-soluble vitamin that can be synthesized or derived naturally. We prefer (and
use in our products) the natural forms of vitamin E and there are main two
reasons for this – the natural form of vitamin E is more potent and it has
higher retention rate in the skin i.e. it works better.

Just like
vitamin C,
vitamin E (tocopherol) is a powerful antioxidant, that
apart from preventing premature aging, protects your skin from UV damage and
helps reverse the negative effects from excess sun-exposure. When applied topically
vitamin E oil (especially if combined with vitamin C) can improve skin’s
texture significantly. A must-try if you want plumper and more radiant skin. 

What is your favorite natural oil? Tell us in the comments below!


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