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Everyone wants to look younger than their age (except my 23 year old Niece who constantly declares her total horror at being asked whether she’s still in High School…she should be giving thanks that she has her Dad’s genes). Life would be truly spectacular

if we could live until a ripe old age without a wrinkle in sight. While this is slightly utopian, there are several possibilities to maintain your youthfulness, some are more dangerous than meets the eye…


Botox is all the rage at the moment thanks to our daily Hollywood lifestyle doses on TV and in Magazines…even Kochie and Mel are giving us the latest Hollywood scoop on a daily basis! Botox is extremely popular because it is convenient and the results are instant

(if you don’t mind the whole plastic, frozen in time look and not showing any ounce of emotion on your face) people are even flaunting it as the cure for all ageing! With just a few injections, the procedure can paralyze facial muscles and prevent them from

forming wrinkles.

Whilst society is quickly becoming a botox nation (people are even popping down on their lunch break for a botox quickie) the side effects of this toxic substance are scarcely known. So is Botox really worth it…we’ll let you make that judgment…. According to

the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox injections are the most common cosmetic operation with 4.6 million procedures in America alone during 2007. Hollywood starlet Jennifer Anniston has admitted to going under the needle herself but states that “tried

Botox once and it was really not good for me. I felt like I had a weight on my head.” After trying it out, she says that she can spot anyone who has had the procedure as everyone has the same look, “I think it makes women look older. Harder. The warmth in

their faces goes away. You see women and you know they’re not young, but you can’t tell how old they are” (well unless you look at their neck).

So What is Botox…


What is in Botox? A toxic substance known as Botulinum toxin which is derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, in a class of drugs called neurotoxins. Clostridium botulinum is held to be the most toxic and dangerous substance known to mankind (Montecucco

& Molgó, 2005).

How long does Botox Last? Botox is temporary although the changes are instant. The injections may last from three to six months before the effects disappear (following injections are required…warning: may become addictive if you are looking for a long term


How is Botox dispensed? Botulinum toxin is an injectable neuro-toxin that is delivered to the muscle by the use of a fine needle. It works by blocking the ability of nerves to make muscles contract i.e. it paralyzes muscle, by blocking the release of acetylcholine

from the neuron.

Does this sound healthy to you …?

Who can use it? Adults between 18 and 65 years of age. Botox is not safe to use if pregnant, breast feeding or if you suffer from muscular conditions and allergies.

Cost: Botox costs vary from anywhere between AU$350 and AU$1200 depending the quantity of botox injected. The average botox user can spend up to 4 thousand dollars per year on treatments as many become addicted to the treatments in the search for longer term


Side effects: Botox treatments have been associated with many serious side effects that can be life threatening. Probable side effects include: problems swallowing, speaking, breathing, loss of strength and muscle weakness all over the body, double vision,

blurred vision, drooping eyelids, hoarseness, headache, flu-like symptoms, nausea, spasms of the eyes, swollenness or redness at the injection site, bruising, facial pain, rash, neck pain, muscle weakness and tearing and sensitivity to light.

Ageing is impossible to avoid but has growing old really become that bad that we are lead to inject ourselves with lethal substances?? I am happy to knock back a few years from the age clock but I still want to look good without looking like an artificial plastic



La Mav, certified organic anti ageing skin care is based on scientific ageing skin research. Proudly bearing organic certification from the OFC, at La Mav we believe that beauty is best attained naturally, in union with science which is why La Mav is also a

signatory to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Natural and certified ingredients are made from the purest ingredients from plants and minerals in accordance with strict organic certification standards rather than from a recognized lethal, highly toxic substance

made in a laboratory.

Ingredients: 100% natural, chemical free ingredients – meaning that all ingredients can be traced back to their organic origin.

Results: Building the long term health of the skin from a cellular level enable longer lasting results.

How it works: Provides amino acids to the dermal layer of the skin to repair and rebuild collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother, firmer, younger looking skin over the entire face and neck.

Who is it for: Adults of any age. La Mav is safe for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers and all skin types and conditions.

Approximate Cost for a La Mav Product (lasts a few months): $75

Side effects: Younger looking, healthier skin.

Botox is one of the most toxic substances known. Why would you inject it voluntarily when there are natural and organic alternatives that offer anti aging skincare with amazing wrinkle-reducing results? La Mav offers long term, yet safe effects resulting in

a clinically proven reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and it is 100% traceably organic!

So is botox worth it? My answer is no. Science, research and human error has shown that the skin needs to be protected. As I have said over and over, the skin is the largest organ in the body and 65% of what is placed on the skin is absorbed into the body –

as a result not under any circumstances should the skin and our body be subjected to toxins and poisons. Although Botox offers that immediate frozen in time look, the long term risks make it far better to always choose a product that can truly offer younger

looking skin. Who wouldn’t want to use a product made with the purest ingredients known to mankind instead of the most toxic??