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3 Reasons Why Sleep Deprivation is More Dangerous Than Drugs

It is granted that most of the technological advancements
today may potentially affect people’s time management. Some people could have
their eyes glued in social media sites for hours, thus affecting other parts of
their time – sleeping hours included.

When people try to
maximize their daily hours they either stay up for more hours at night, or
they shorten the amount of their resting time drastically. This leads to nervousness, anxiety, depression, increased appetite, poor concentration. etc. The list is endless.

Why some of us still wonder why experts advice that we get at least
complete 8 hours of sleep a day. Believe it or not, drugs can kill you, but
sleep deprivation is more dangerous as it does not only affect your overall
physical appearance – it affects the stability of your well-being without
showing any obvious signs.

Here are 3 serious reasons why you should never tolerate sleep

It creates a higher risk for developing a disease

Sleep deprivation increases the risk of acquiring heart diseases, hypertension,
diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. If you’re lucky enough not to develop any of
these conditions, the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease or suffering from memory loss as you age are high.

It affects your mental performance

Sleep deprivation affects your brain’s
function in more than one way. It generally affects our cognitive thinking that may lead us
with difficulty to concentrate or make a decision. It also impairs our
capability to be alert, to be attentive, or to solve a simple problem thus
making it harder for us learn new things efficiently.

It creates more rooms for accidents

There have been an endless count of car accidents in the
news as one of the top reasons for people’s immediate cause of death. Numerous
celebrities, politicians and random citizens have had to face the pathways of
death because of these misfortunes. It is surprising that if not because of
drunk-driving, other people who have had to encounter these types of disasters
was also due to sleep loss. More people have correspondingly had work injuries
because of which, that in the end, affects the entire workforce of a company.

Sleep plays a huge role for any person’s daily efficiency
and welfare. It restores the energy that one requires to function perfectly
fine in a day, whether it be for your career or for your personal roles in

Our recommendation: do not deprive yourself from the sleep
that your body deserves. Every time you allow yourself to benefit from the gift
of resting, you are increasing the positive effects that will be rewarded on
your body once you get the amount of relaxation that you need. You can have so much luxury in time but you
can never get back those lost hours when you could have chosen to become
healthier. Take care of your body, as early as you possibly can.