Posted on by Paul WebDev

It’s funny how women have such influence on current trends, especially in the skin care market. Someone may bring out a new ingredient and before you know it a trend is born, ie: Argan oil. Who would have ever thought that such a simple oil could create such a stir that nearly every beauty company is creating their own product/s containing this essential ingredient? I’m not taking anything away from the oil of Morocco, but there are numerous other specialty oils available that are as good as, if not better. It’s just that they are not “on trend!”

The same story of evolution lies with organic skin care products. At first it was the “hippies” wanting chemical-free creams, now women across the globe have jumped on the bandwagon because of more awareness and better education. Though, these educated “modern” women not only want organic, they demand the results that their synthetic beauty house cousins deliver.

There are so many “buzz” words circling around like anti-oxidants, anti-ageing, peptides, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C, E, A & B etc. etc. Women may not know what these ingredients mean or do, they just know they need to have a cream with these words stamped on the label because the media said so.

As a result of a personal experience and a hole in the market, La Mav set out to create a luxury skin care line where these two worlds collide. Women want organic if not certified and they want results. End of story! The challenge was set and La Mav delivered.Unlike many brands that just provide your usual cleanse, tone, scrub, mask and moisturising essentials, La Mav differs as we prescribe a series of specialty products targeting different skin concerns. Our 4 optimising ranges with the powerful bio-active ingredients are what sets us apart from our competitors.
Firstly we ask, what is your skin CONCERN?

  • Anti-ageing – the “wrinkle smoothing” range is packed with anti-oxidants that target fine lines, wrinkles and ageing skin.
  • Lightening – the “skin brightening” range with a good dose of vitamin C, targets sun & lifestyle damage and pigmentation.
  • Hydration –the “ultra-hydration” range relies on nature’s gift of hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant that holds up to 1000x it’s own weight in water to plump and hydrate dry and sensitive skin.
  • Mature Skin – the “lift & firm” range incorporates nature’s botox, the Hibiscus extract to combat the loss of firmness of ageing skin.

Armed with this knowledge and choice our customers can now shop according to their skin concerns at different stages of their lives and according to the seasons.