Posted on by Paul WebDev

While on the subject of the benefits and need we have for the sun, I could not go past another common issue, which is safe tanning. I firstly pose the question, is it safe to tan? The answer in one simple word is NO!

A tan is skin cells in trauma trying to protect themselves from the sun’s damaging rays. Our cells produce melanin or the brown pigment that makes our skin bronzed. This provides a weak protection against sunburn, ie: a darker person can withstand more sun exposure than someone with fair skin, due to the amount of melanin. This though does not protect against sun damage. Damage is done to both skin types on a deeper level.

Given to say, this is common knowledge or so I thought? Take a look down at your local beach on any given sun filled day and you will see the sand covered with a mass of bodies sunning themselves like lizards. We on the other hand are not cold blooded so don’t require the fry time, so why do we still do it?

If you speak to any of these bronzed babes, they will all tell you that a tan looks better, makes them feel thinner and gives them a healthy glow. They all know the dangers yet choose to play Russian roulette with the risk of cancer, just to look good. This gives argument to the other topic of smoking, we all know it will kill you, yet the horrific graphics on the cigarette packet still won’t deter.

I hear my mother and others from an older generation comment on the strength of the sun now compared to when they were younger. All agree the sun is hotter and burns twice as fast. Global warming and the reduction of the ozone could support their claims and when I think of it, I too burn at a much faster rate as I did wen I was a child.

So what do we do? A tan is so tempting and yes it does look good but at what cost? With such development in technology, fake tanning systems have come along way. Gone are the days of the ”tandoori tan” with better ingredients being incorporated. Spray tanning can give you a beautiful glow if you find a good technician with a great product. Now there are organic tanning solutions on the market to cater for us organic lovers. As with your skin care products, check the label for no-no’s like parabens, propolene glycol and other chemicals that you normally wouldn’t use. If you are having a spray tan go with a salon that uses and organic based solution to ensure your using nature from head to toe.

On a final note, a sun kissed body can look and make you feel great, just go about it in a safe way. Look good and protect at the same time…