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Why We Love Dry
Brushing (And You Should To)

Since we are
part of the beauty industry, our team often experiment with new things (makeup techniques, skin pampering rituals, beauty hacks, etc.) and we try to determine
which ones work and which ones don’t. A month or so ago, we got into the whole
“dry skin brushing” thing and today we are here to report.

It Is Great!

Simple and
inexpensive way to have baby soft skin, toned and firm, glowing with health!
You haven’t tried it? You are missing a lot!

What Is Dry Brushing?

As you can
guess, dry skin brushing is basically running a brush over dry skin. No complicated preparations, special
techniques or expensive products involved! The whole “procedure” takes between
5-15 minutes and usually ends up with a shower, to help wash away all dead
cells and impurities.

How To Dry Brush Your Skin?

Always brush
towards the heart. Start from the upper part of your body and work your way
down, ending with your feet. Don’t press too hard when brushing because you may
damage the skin. Brushing vigorously will not give you better results, so don’t
be “aggressive”!

Note: If you have eczema, dermatitis or very dry skin, it’s better to dry brush only once per week, because you risk
damaging the already disrupted, lipid barrier of the skin.

How To Choose The Best Brush?

Go for
sustainable wood, soft natural bristles and long handle (short handle will make
your hands feel tired faster). You can find such brushes in almost every
health/department/beauty store. Usually, they are pretty cheap, hence won’t “hit”
your budget hard.

Remember – Natural, does not have to stand for made of
animal fur
Always choose cruelty-free! 
Animals can’t defend themselves, but we
can! Say “NO!” animal cruelty, by making the right choice!

The Benefits Of Dry Brushing

The primary
benefit of dry brushing is that it exfoliates the skin fully and in depth – it sloughs
off all dead cells, leaving the skin smooth, toned and radiant. Besides that,
when dead skin cells are gone the hydrating/nourishing product you’ll be applying
afterwards, will be absorbed way better.

Dry brushing
is super effective for smoothing out the rougher areas of the skin (elbows,
knees and ankles), especially if you pair it up with a rich moisturizing lotion.

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thing worth mentioning is that dry brushing boosts blood circulation and
stimulates the movement of lymph fluid in your body (which supposedly helps
eliminate toxins, but we’ll talk about this claim in the next paragraph).
Better blood circulation means that more nutrients reach the skin and nourished skin looks healthy and youthful.

Lastly, dry
brushing is super energizing (both for your body and for your mind) and it’s a
great way to start your day. So good, that it can actually replace coffee (true story!).

The Myths

Even though
dry brushing is wonderful for your skin unfortunately, it is not a miraculous
cure for stretch marks, cellulite and is definitely not something that has the
potential to detoxify your body. Many beauty gurus claim that dry skin brushing
is the ultimate solution for both stretch marks and cellulite, but let’s be
honest – we all know that getting rid of these unpleasant skin conditions
requires certain lifestyle changes and a lot of patience. 


popular belief is that dry brushing speeds up the elimination of toxins from
the body. While it is true that it improves the blood and the lymphatic flow,
as mentioned above, that, by itself, is not enough to purify the body. The detoxification of the human body is a very complex process and
it’s highly unlikely that an external influence can help your body get rid of
toxins faster than it would normally do. Still, dry brushing has many other great (beauty) benefits and it’s totally worth making it part of your beauty routine!

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