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4 Essential Beauty Product for Your Travel Bag

While it is true that we all love travelling, and we enjoy exploring new destinations, the climate change, the dry airplane air, and the lack of sleep (hello, jet lag!) often leave us with skin that is far from good-looking. To help you preserve your skin beautiful and fresh when you are on the road, we’ve prepared a list with 4 must-have items that always have their special place in our travel bags.

Face Mist

As you probably know, the air in the airplanes is extremely dry, and is capable of wreaking havoc in your skin in a matter of hours. The solution? Good moisturizer before you get on the plane + face mist in your travel bag, to spritz your pretty face when you start feeling your skin is tight and dehydrated. Facial mists feel great on the skin, and they give you an instant radiance boost.

NB: Make sure your face mist is travel friendly i.e. the bottle has to be 100 ml or less.

What to Try: Rose Hydrating Mist

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BB Crème

The easiest way to achieve natural glam is with a product that works as moisturizer (to plump up the skin), provides light to medium coverage (to hide all pesky imperfections) and offers sun protection (to prevent UV damage).

One product that ticks all boxes is the BB crème. BB crèmes are easy to use, usually works with all skin types and gets the job done in less than a minute. What’s best about BB crèmes is that they have blendable formula that can be built up to the coverage that’s desired (light or medium) + they have impressive staying power (even through a hot summer’s day). For a sexy, sun-kissed finish, you can pair your favourite BB crème up with a bronzer.

What to Try: Organic BB Crème

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Skin-Brightening Moisturizer

To look fresh & healthy during your trip, get yourself a moisturizer formulated with brightening ingredients like Licorice root extract and vitamin C. They will even your skin tone and enhance your natural glow (say “YES” to the lit-from-within glow!) + will protect your skin and fight free radicals off. Apart from that vitamin C supports collagen synthesis, so you can enjoy firmer and smoother skin not only while you are on vacation, but in the long run.

What to Try: Rumex Advanced Lightening Creme


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We might love spending endless lazy hours in the sun, but our skin definitely doesn’t.

UV rays generate high amounts of free radicals that damage skin cells, leading to the so-called “photo aging” (wrinkles, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores, etc).

To avoid losing the vitality of our skin and ending up with dull complexion, it’s an absolute must to apply SPF daily. If you are not a fan of regular sunscreens, you have many other options to choose from – sprays with light formula, moisturizers with SPF, even makeup that offers sun protection.

What to Try: Anti-Aging Mineral Foundation with SPF15

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