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Are You Applying Makeup Correctly?

why your makeup doesn’t look as perfect as the makeup of those charming beauty
gurus on YouTube? Chances are you are not following the right layering

As simple as
it may sound, sticking to the right sequence, when it comes to doing your
makeup, is essential for achieving flawless look. Regardless of whether you use
cheap or expensive products, if you don’t use them in the right order, you
won’t get the results you expect. So, let’s see what goes first and what goes


First thing
first – you need the perfect canvas before you start creating art. And the best
way to get it is to prepare your skin – smooth out its surface and hydrate in
depth. Priming will help foundation glide on more easily, for a more even
coverage and photo-ready look.

If you have
normal skin type or you just don’t feel like investing in a primer, you can
apply your favorite moisturizer. Another alternative are BB creams 
they moisturize, prime and even both the skin tone and the skin surface. 

For those of
you who have 
very dry or oily/combination skin, picking a good primer is highly
recommended. It will make huge difference in the way your makeup looks + how
long it will last.

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If you use
liquid foundation it always goes before the concealer, however, if you use
powder foundation you can do both – before or after, depending on the way you apply

personally, always tap 
my mineral powder foundation into the skin, rather than buffing
it in circular motions. For this purpose, I use 
dense and soft kabuki brush with large diameter. Because I do not actually buff the product in, I can allow
myself to apply concealer first (under the eyes, in the middle of my forehead,
around my nose/my lips and over spots that I want to hide). In some cases,
if the imperfections I want to hide are too pigmented or red, I touch-up with
concealer where needed, when I am done layering my minerals.

If you are
not like me, and you prefer buffing the foundation, apply concealer afterwards.

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The rule of
thumb is – concealer goes after foundation. This way you won’t ruin the
coverage you’ve managed to achieve with it, when buffing your foundation in.

Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter

Warm up the
face with some bronzer (or contour it, if you are into the whole contouring
thing), add some flush to the cheeks with a touch of blush and finish with highlighter
to give your skin a nice, healthy glow and luminous finish.

Note: If you use cream blush or cream
highlighter, it’s better to combine them with liquid foundation or liquid
minerals. If you apply creamy products over mineral powder foundation, in some
cases they do not distribute evenly and don’t look very natural.

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Eye Shadows, Eyeliner, Mascara and…

It may sound
odd, but many beauty experts suggest applying eye shadows after priming, before
foundation. The reason – if there’s any fallout you can clean it, without
ruining your makeup. Eyeliner goes next and mascara last.

Even though this
sounds logical, I personally always apply eye shadows last (after I am done
with my face) + I’ve never seen a beauty guru on YouTube getting to eye shadow
application, immediately after priming.

Here, I’d
say that it’s more of personal preference and habit. If you’ve mastered the art
of using eye shadows without messing up your makeup, leave them for the end. If
not, start with them first.

Note: If your eyelids tend to get oily
during the day and your eye shadows fade/smudge, prime your eyes as well or –
use setting powder/neutral eye shadows as a base. Priming does not only prevent
eye shadows from going all over the place after a few hours, but also makes
blending way easier.

Some sources
suggest that brows should be done before foundation, which is a big no-no for
me. This will make your life very hard, trust me. How do you even apply foundation
afterwards, seriously? You have to be super-mega-extra careful not to smudge
the edges of your brows and ruin them. No thanks. Brows should always go after foundation
and bronzer (if you contour your face).

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Setting/Finishing Powder

powder and finishing powder are interchangeable, but they always go after
foundation. Their purpose is to set your makeup in place and to absorb any
excess oil that you may have on your skin i.e. to reduce shine. For those of
you who have oily skin, mattifying powders are also an option – they do the
same job, but are one idea better at controlling sebum secretion and keeping
your makeup in place.

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Lip products

Regardless of whether you use lip stick, lip stain, lip gloss,
lip butter or tinted lip treatment, lips are always last step in your makeup
routine. If you use lip liner, start with it and then fill in with your
favorite lip product.

What To Try: Tinted Lip Treatments

Pick Your Shade

Lastly, I’d like to add that even though there are certain rules when it comes to makeup application, most of all it is a matter of personal preference and habits. Don’t forget that. After all, makeup should be fun. 

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