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What’s Hot On The Beauty Scene for 2016

What’s Hot On The Beauty Scene for 2016

New year, new trends! How we feel about that? Excited to experiment and to give all new beauty trends a try! After seeing the end of the ultra-heavy-contouring era (which made us incredibly happy), we are ready to strobe and rock the bob hairstyle, like never before! Are you with us?


Strobing started getting popular in 2015 but is now in its apogee. While initially, strobing was something only makeup artists and beauty gurus talked about, now everyone is trying (and loving) it.

“Strobing is another word for highlighting, but with a slightly different technique. The way I see strobing is more from a skincare perspective; instead of layering up the face, the idea behind strobing is to give the skin an iridescence, or luminous feel, that’s almost coming from within rather than from products that have been added to the skin.” – Hayley Dutton, makeup artist

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The key to perfect strobing is not in expensive highlighter or luxurious makeup brushes – the key is to have skin care regimen that will enhance you natural glow and will allow the highlighter to blend beautifully, without looking as if you’ve been layering it for hours. From then on, it’s just sticking with the basic technique for applying highlighter. For more natural finish, opt for liquid/creamy highlighters.

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Subtle Contouring

Good news – Kimmy’s heavy contouring is slowly, but surely, stepping away from the makeup scene. Yay for that (and huge “Thanks!” to whoever made it happen)!

Because of the immense popularity of contouring, though, then the trend is not going to disappear completely. Instead, in 2016, it will be replaced with a more naturally-looking, subtle version of itself. The new contouring technique includes accentuating one area of your face at a time (cheekbones, jawline or nose) rather than all three at once. After all, the idea of makeup (and contouring) is not to change entirely the way you look, but to make your beautiful features stand out.



Forget about spray tan – heavily tanned skin is not hot anymore. All you need to look fresh and youthful is a bit of bronzer and some freckles. Yes, freckles.

If you do not have real freckles, it’s super easy to dot them on with the help of light brown eye pencil or eyeliner. They will give sun-kissed, soft touch to your complexion and will make you feel at least 5 years younger, trust me.

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You have real freckles? Even better! Pair them up with some bronzer and you are ready to cast a spell on everyone you want to! (that’s how charming you are!)

Okay, I am bias, but… I LOVE freckles! And I am secretly jealous of you, if you were blessed with having natural ones. Freckles are gorgeous!

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Shorter Bobs

Bob haircut has become a huge thing in 2015. Many celebrities have chopped their locks to follow the trend and the results were stunning. What’s even better – in 2016, the long bobs are being replaced by shorter ones. The shorter the bob the more classy and chic you’ll look. Hairstylists confirm: “Long, mermaid hair is so last season.”

So why not go with the flow and chop some hair off? Pinterest is full of ideas on how to style and color your bob – trust me, the options are countless. Bobs are anything but boring (in case you were worried about that).

Bonus: Shorter hair makes you look younger. 

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