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All You Need To Know About Glycerin In Skin Care

of whether we are talking skin care, hair care or body care, glycerin is one of
the most widely used compounds in the beauty industry. It can be found on the
ingredient lists of creams, lotion, facial cleansers, toners, serum, hair
conditioners, masks, etc. Just pick 3 random products from your bathroom and
check their labels. See – glycerin is everywhere.

What’s the reason it is so widely used? How does it benefit the skin? Is it
organic? Is it safe? Let’s find out!

Is Glycerin Organic?

(also known as glycerol) is naturally present in 
plant oils and can be easily
extracted without its structure being altered. Because vegetable oils are
extracted from plants, if you want to know whether the glycerin used in your favorite
products is organic, 
check if the companies you buy from are certified organic.
If the plants they use are grown in pesticide-free environment, without the use
of hormones, antibiotics or any other chemical substances that are potentially
harmful for the human health, then you can be sure, that what you are putting
on your face is 100% pure and safe.

glycerin can also be obtained from animal fat, if you are vegan, don’t forget
to check whether the companies you buy products from are cruelty-free and

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How Does Glycerin Benefit The Skin?

The primary
reason why glycerin is used in so many products is because it’s an incredible humectants (substance that attracts moisture) i.e. it keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. 

glycerin is naturally presented in our skin it’s one of the best ingredients
for restoring the lipid barrier and maintaining skin’s integrity. It’s
especially beneficial for people with dry skin, prone to flakiness, dry patches
and scaling.

reason why manufacturers use glycerin is because it facilitates the absorption
of active ingredients i.e. more bio-active molecules reach the deepest layers
of the skin.

Glycerin is
great emollient and lubricant – it makes the skin soft and supple, smoothes out
the fine lines and boosts radiance. If you are wondering which ingredient gives
you a 
lovely dewy look – it is glycerin.

Some studies
even suggest that glycerin thickens the skin, hence improves its resistance to
external damage and at the same time reduce wrinkle formation, caused by thinning. This is due
to the fact that glycerin promotes cell maturation i.e. helps the cells develop
fully before they shed. (This is especially good for people struggling with psoriasis –  skin condition where maturation is disrupted and cells shed abnormally)

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Is Glycerin Safe?

The primary
concern related to the use of glycerin is that is can over dry the skin,
because of its water attracting properties. Because glycerin draws out water
from the dermis (the lower layer of the skin) to the epidermis (the upper most
layer of the skin), it is believed that with frequent use it can lead to 
chronic dehydration. In order for this to happen though, 100% pure glycerin has
to be applied on the skin daily, which, as you can guess, is not the case with
your favorite face cream. Skin care products are always formulated in such way
so that the best of each ingredient is taken, while the side effects are minimized
or completely avoided. In other words, no matter if glycerin is on the top of the ingredient list of your face cream it’s concentration is not more than 10%, therefore there is no need to worry. 

application carries low risk of irritation and does not normally provoke
allergic reaction. Still, if you have hypersensitive skin, it’s recommended to
get samples first and test the products you are planning to buy on your skin,
in order to see how it reacts to them. 

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