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What’s In My Skin Care: Raspberry Seed Oil

What’s In My Skin Care: Raspberry Seed Oil

Discover The Benefits Of Raspberry Seed Oil

While the roots and blossoms of the raspberry plant were used throughout history to make soothing ointments and healing teas, the health and beauty benefits of its seeds came into the spotlight only recently. In fact, raspberry seed oil is one of the few natural ingredients that can save you from acne and protect you from the sun, all at the same time.

The oil has the characteristic raspberry aroma and its colour varies from bright gold to reddish.

The best thing about raspberry seed oil is that you can use it freely, regardless of your skin type, as it is very light and it absorbs quickly, without leaving any residue on the skin.

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How Does Raspberry Seed Oil Benefit
The Skin?

  1. Moisturizes the skin in depth and prevents water loss
  2. Improves skin elasticity and firmness
  3. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  4. Helps skin cells regenerate faster
  5. Prevents sun-induced damage
  6. Alleviates eczema symptoms
  7. Soothes itchy and scaly skin
  8. Helps control psoriasis
  9. Fights acne and blemishes
  10. Nourishes and protects the delicate baby skin


Bio Actives Found in
Raspberry Seed Oil

1. Essential Fatty Acids

Raspberry seed oil has high levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 EFAs. It contains 83% essential fatty acids, of which linoleic acid makes 52-56%, and alpha-linolenic acid makes 29-33%. EFAs are of high importance for your skin, because they maintain its lipid barrier intact, keeping your skin protected and hydrated. The high levels of alpha-linolenic acid suggest that the oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an effective remedy for a number of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.

2. Ellagic Acid

Ellagic acid has been shown to mitigate the destruction of collagen and to offer protection against UV rays. In other words – it helps your skin stay elastic and firm and also reduces the risk of sun-induced damage i.e. photoaging.

3. Vitamin E

Being rich in both alpha and gamma tocopherol (natural forms of vitamin E), raspberry seed oil fights free radicals off, keeping wrinkles and hyperpigmentation at bay.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Vitamin E you can check this article.

4. Carotenoids (Vitamin A)

Because of its high content of carotenoids, raspberry seed oil is considered a natural sunblock. A study conducted in 2000, found that raspberry seed oil offered both UVB and UVA protection i.e. it can protect your skin from both burning and photoaging. The SPF of raspberry seed oil was reported to be 28-50 against UVB rays, and around 8 against UVA rays.

5. Polyphenols

Polyphenols are naturally occurring molecules with remarkable antioxidant activity. When applied topically, polyphenols boost cell growth and increase skin’s resistance to UV radiation. Thanks to its high content of polyphenols, raspberry seed oil can do wonders for your skin, naturally! What not to love about it!


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