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How Rosemary Can Benefit Your Skin

If we were asked to choose the most amazing
family of herbs from the point of view of cosmetics industry, our choice would
most definitely be the mint family. It includes an astounding number of skin
care gems, such as lavender, sage, and skullcap. Today, we are going to
introduce you to another one – rosemary.

What is

Rosemary is a perennial bush, native to the
Mediterranean region, where it has been grown and used since the Roman times. This
magical herb could be found in various dishes as a seasoning, in gardens as an
ornamental plant, and in religious and wedding ceremonies as a symbol of
remembrance and love. In terms of physiognomy, it shares many characteristics
with its cousins, like square stem, tiny flowers, and alternate leaves.


Why do
we use rosemary in cosmetics?

The one characteristic that makes the mint
herbs an essential ingredient of cosmetic formulas are the volatile oils that
are extracted from their leaves and stems. Rosemary oil gives the plant its
enchanting fragrance as well as many other beneficial properties. It is rich in
nutrients including iron, calcium, vitamins and 
antioxidants, and can benefit
your skin regardless of its type. Nowadays, rosemary is found in the form of
extract, oil or rosemarinic acid, in skin cleansers, soaps, face masks, toners
and creams. Here is why:

  • Rosemary is a natural

Rosemary gained
its reputation among the cosmetics manufacturers primarily for its ability to
remove excess oil. When applied topically, the essential oil can cleanse your
skin thoroughly, without causing it to dry out. This property makes rosemary
particularly useful for oily skin, because it does not produce the counter
effects many other astringents do (dryness which leads to sebum overproduction).
This, in combination with its antibiotic properties, puts rosemary on the list
of extremely 
effective natural acne remedies.

  • Rosemary prevents skin aging

Rosemary does not
only invigorate the senses. Massage the oil regularly into your skin and the
skin will become enlivened, too. Being packed with powerful antioxidants, like
carnosic and rosmarinic acids, rosemary oil strengthens the tiniest blood
vessels, and stimulates skin cell growth, thus reducing fine lines, wrinkles,
and other visible 
signs of aging. After a prolonged use of rosemary oil, sagging
skin is quickly replaced by firm, toned and glowing one.

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  • Rosemary fight infections off

The extract of
the plant is excellent for 
sensitive skin. As a strong anti-inflammatory agent,
it soothes the skin, and helps to reduce swelling and puffiness around the
eyes, as well as to heal burns. A recent laboratory study showed that patients
with chronic skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, and
psoriasis also responded well to products containing rosemary extract.

  • Rosemary stimulates circulation

While you are massaging
your face, you are enhancing blood circulation. Better circulation means that
more nutrients and oxygen reach your skin cells, aiding in their renewal and improving
the overall appearance of your skin. Simply put, better circulation means rosy and
youthful skin, with natural flush that no blush can give you.

  • Rosemary calms your nerves

When we are
stressed, our bodies release cortisol, a hormone that can trigger an excess
production of sebum and consequently 
acne outbreaks. Rosemary essential oil has
been widely used in aromatherapy as a stress reliever. It’s a simple equation —
more rosemary equals less stress, and less stress equals less cortisol, less
sebum, and less pimples. Say
hello to healthy skin!

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