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The Beautifying Power Of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil (Oenothera Biennis) is extracted
from the seed of a wild plant, with incredibly beautiful yellow petals, that
was once used by the Native American for wound healing, gastrointestinal
discomfort and even as food. In the last years the oil has gained a lot of
popularity thanks to is its richness is gamma-lanoleic acid (GLA) – omega-6
essential fatty acid. It’s been widely prescribed as “beautifying supplement”
for skin and hair and many people are truly happy with the results they get after
including it in their diet.

Nevertheless, not much is known about the benefits of the
topical application of the oil, which is why I’ve decided to share with you why
having Evening primrose oil listed as ingredient in the products you are using
is a huge plus for your skin!

Sebum Production

Sebum is produced by the oil glands in our skin and its
primary role is to lubricate and protect. External factors, hormone imbalance,
diet changes, etc. sometimes, can cause our oil glands to produce more oil than
needed. Since oily skin is characterized by low levels of lanoleic acid in its
surface lipids, applying oils that have high linoleic acid content is a good
way to trick your skin into producing less sebum. Thanks to its unique fatty
acid composition (70% linoleic and approximately 10% GLA), topical application
of Evening primrose oil helps your skin balance itself and return to its normal
state. Last but not least Evening primrose oil is great at keeping pores clear,
because of its remarkable ability to dilute sebum and even “dissolve” it if it hardens.

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Inflammations, Redness and Itchiness

When taken as supplement, Evening primrose oil improves significantly
the condition of patients with eczema, psoriasis, pruritus and atopic dermatitis.
If applied topically it alleviates unpleasant symptoms like redness, burning sensation and itchiness. The magical
ingredient responsible for the healing effect of the oil and its ability to enhance
the epidermal barrier is GLA – it hydrates and lubricates flaky, rough skin and
restores its smoothness and softness.

Wrinkles & Dark Spots

Being rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and
amino acids, Evening primrose oil delivers all important nutrients your skin
needs, improving its texture, elasticity and its overall condition. As the oil
also has very high antioxidant content, it protects skin’s cells from free
radicals, reducing the appearance of dark spots and keeping wrinkles at bay.
Slowly, but surely, it evens the skin tone and smoothes out the fine lines. Evening
primrose oil improves blood microcirculation and works wonders as moisturizer,
making tired, dull skin look glowing, fresh and healthy again.

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