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What’s In My Skincare: Organic Green, Pink & White Clay

What’s In My Skincare: Organic Green, Pink & White Clay

The Benefits of Australian Organic Green, Pink & White Clay

Natural clays have been used in skin care for centuries. Their remarkable cleansing and purifying properties make them perfect for balancing and detoxifying the skin and restoring its youthful glow. Even though there are different types of clay (with a different colour, mineral composition and mechanism of action), today, we'd like to tell you a bit more about the 3 types of clays we use in our products (Green, Pink, White) and what makes each one of them special. 

Green Clay (Australian Green Clay)

When it comes to detoxifying the skin, green clay is the king. Green clay purifies and stimulated the natural shedding of the epidermal cell, to reveal cleat and radiant complexion. Green clay has the ability to pull excess oil and impurities out, therefore prevents breakouts and congestion. What's more - thanks to its rich mineral composition (silica, calcium, copper, zinc, iron, sodium and potassium) green clay normalizes sebum secretion and keeps inflammations at bay. Last but not least, green clay clears the pores in depth, tones the skin and improves its texture.

Recommended for: Oily/Combination skin; Acne-prone/Congested skin

What To Try: La Mav Green Clay Detox Mask

Pink Clay (Australian Pastel Pink Clay)

As we've already mentioned, the colour of the clay depends primarily on its mineral composition. The predominant element in pink clay is iron oxide (mixed with silica and mineral salts), which gives the clay its characteristic pink hue. Thanks to the high iron content and the presence of essential minerals, pink clay enhances the natural regeneration of the epidermis and stimulates cell turnover. Pink clay is excellent for reviving dehydrated skin that has lost its vitality and radiance. Thanks to its mild exfoliating properties, pink clay helps refine fine lines + improve skin’s overall texture and appearance. Since pink clay has medium absorbency and it’s not too drying (doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils), it is suitable even for delicate/sensitive skin. 

Recommended for: Dry/Dehydrated/Sensitive/Ageing skin

What To Try: La Mav DNA Phyto-Guard Pink Clay Mask

White Clay (Australian Organic White Clay)

White clay is known for being one of the mildest clays (way less absorbent, compared to green clay), which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. By gently exfoliating the outer layer of dead cells, white clay leaves the skin toned, firmed and incredibly smooth, without drying the skin.  Besides that, white clay soothes + reduces irritations and redness. White clay is one of the few clays that leaves your skin clean and shine-free and at the same time – hydrated and radiant. Who says you have to choose between the incredible feeling of freshness and purity and the dewy, glowing complexion? White clay ticks all the boxes. 

Recommended for: Dry/Dehydrated/Sensitive skin

If you have never used any products containing clay – now is the time to give them a try! Pick the type of clay that suits your skin type best and let it work its magic! We promise your skin will love it!

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