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What’s in my Skincare: Sandalwood Essential Oil

What’s in my Skincare: Sandalwood Essential Oil

The Skincare Benefits of the Sacred Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood essential
oil is fragrant oil that has been used in Ayurveda for centuries because of its
powerful medicinal properties. Thanks to its deep relaxing and calming effect,
it was also an essential part of many spiritual and cultural ceremonies, like
practicing prayers or meditation. The high content of sesquiterpenes (in
particular santalol – chemical compound that stimulates the pineal gland in the
brain, increasing the release of melatonin) makes this oil a great alternative
for treating insomnia, anxiety and also a great helper if you want to spend
some time meditating and connecting with
your inner self.

“The scent, called chandana, is used in aromatherapy to induce a calm and meditative state.”

The oil is
extracted by steam distillation from the heartwood of the evergreen Sandalwood
tree that grows in certain parts of Asia, Australia and India. It has slightly
sweet, but quite rich, earthly/ woody aroma, (without being overwhelming) and
its color ranges from pale yellow to pale gold.

In addition
to everything mentioned above, Sandalwood oil is used in the manufacturing of skincare
and personal care product, because of its numerous benefits, the fact that it
is suitable for all skin types and… its enchanting smell.


Irritation and Redness, Be Gone

Sandalwood’s remarkable
soothing and cooling properties make it perfectly suited for aging, dry and 
irritated skin. It alleviates dryness, smoothes the skin surface and helps the cells
retain water longer, which gives your face that nice, dewy look we are all
looking for.

Say No To Acne and Scarring

Because of
its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it is a great choice for acne-prone
skin. It reduces acne-related inflammations, swelling, redness and outbreaks, balances
oil production and speeds up wound healing, by promoting cell growth and
proliferation (migration of new, healthy cells to the affected area). 
For acne sufferers this means less spots and less scaring. It is also used as natural
preservative by many manufacturers, because of its antimicrobial effect.

Tone up!

presents good astringent and deep cleansing properties (because of the presence
of alcohols in it), which is why it is added to facial toners, cleansers and
masks – it shrinks the pores, tones the skin and makes it look fresh and plump.

“The Alternative Medicine”

Last but not
least – according to two independent studies conducted in 1999 and 2003,
Sandalwood essential oil can contribute to the prevention of chemically induced
skin cancer. 
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Good to

If the products you are using contain Sandalwood oil it is important for
them to be in dark, non-transparent packaging, because this way the molecules
of the oil are not being altered by the UV rays and the precious liquid keeps
its properties for longer.

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*Image Source:
Jayesh Patil on Flickr

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