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Travel Beauty Essentials

I’ve never
managed to master the art of travelling light. When I am preparing for a trip
the situation usually looks like this:
am sure, I will need this blouse – I must take it with me! The pink one, as
well. And how can I leave without at least one pair of heels? Oh, and 3
different perfumes + 3 pairs of sun glasses…”

Yes, you can definitely find loads of
(unnecessary) stuff in my suitcase, I admit it. I am not proud of myself, but I am just another not-very-practical woman. 

When it
comes to makeup and skin care though, I try to keep it simple. Doesn’t always
work, but hey – I am trying.

Because many
of you really liked my previous post 
What’s In My Makeup Bag I decided to invite
you to have a sneak peak in my “beauty” travel bag to meet my must-have items
– the ones that I bring with me, no matter where I go. Let’s start packing!

Facial Mist

Great for
refreshing dehydrated skin, boosting skin’s luminosity and setting makeup,
facial mists are my ultimate skin savior (not only when I travel). I have
sensitive skin, prone to redness, which is why I prefer mists with rose water.
Rose water has soothing and calming properties, restores skin’s moisture
balance immediately and smells divine!

Facial mists
always manage to help my skin get to its normal state when it looks dull and lifeless.
They are super easy to use and don’t take much space – you can carry them
around with you everywhere and spray some on your face when you feel that your
skin is “thirsty”.

What To Try: Rose Hydrating Mist

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Mineral Foundation

What I like most
about mineral makeup is that it’s buildable. Natural finish or full coverage – you
have it! Apart from that mineral makeup has natural SPF, doesn’t clog pores and
allows your skin to breath. Want to read more about it? 
Discover the numerous benefits of mineral makeup!

Even though 
I love BB creams, in my opinion, they are not the perfect makeup item to take on
a trip, because the maximum coverage you can get from an
average BB cream is medium. And medium coverage doesn’t work well for all of us
(definitely doesn’t work well for me).

What To Try: Anti-Aging Mineral Foundation


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Ultra Hydrating Serum

As I’ve
mentioned above I have dry skin and the lack of radiance is a huge problem for
me. How do I restore my skin’s luminosity? Easy – with an ultra-hydrating
facial serum. It makes my skin plump, 
bright and glowing immediately.

Note: Because
my skin is extremely dry 
I need to lock the moisture in with a rich moisturizer. Ideally it has SPF, but not necessarily, since my mineral
foundation has natural broad spectrum SPF15.

What To Try: Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum


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Nourishing Nightly Nectar

I have very
dry skin and I’ve always been a huge fan of facial oils. Everything that comes
in the form of oil is a friend of my skin. If I don’t have enough space in my makeup
bag, I usually leave my regular nightly cream at home and instead get with me
an oil-based nightly treatment. I always choose 
one that is rich in antioxidants, so I can be sure that not only the oils will restore my skin
while I sleep but also – will keep it protected from free radicals. Wrinkles,
be gone!

What To Try: Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar

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Facial Scrub

fixes everything. Trust me. Whether you want smoother and 
more luminous skin (and
you want it now!) or you want to speed up the fading of the spot left from that
annoying pimple that you’ve just managed to get rid of or you simply want to
have the perfect canvas for applying makeup – a good facial scrub will save the

I always opt
for scrubs that are enriched with plant oils and bio-active ingredient, so I
can get exfoliation and nourishment at the same time. This allows me to leave
my facial mask at home. One skin care item less, means one makeup item more.
Because why take only one shade of your favorite lip treatment, when you can
get two? It’s hard to decide which one to take anyways, so why not take them

What To Try: Jojoba Beds & Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub


Get It Here

Tinted Lip Treatment

Looking for
color and care? Tinted lip treatment is what you need.

My lips chap
easily, especially when it’s windy and the air is dry, which is why I never
leave the house without applying lip product to keep them hydrated and
protected. At the same time, I also like enhancing the natural color of my lips
because, well… my lips are not as pink and I want them to be. Tinted lip
treatments are packed with natural bio-active components that keep my lips
soft, smooth and plump. They don’t feel sticky at all and still give you glossy
finish. Absolute trip essential!

What To Try: La Mav Tinted Lip Treatment


Pick Your Shade

Now it’s your turn! Tell us what’s in your travel bag in the comments below! What are your travel beauty essentials and why?


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