Posted on by Paul WebDev

We are often asked what makes LAMAV ORGANIC SKIN CARE products different. So to best answer this we thought we take you backstage through our development process that started in 2006. And to simplify this explanation we have divided this series into various parts.

The first and the foremost part covers WHAT WE LEAVE OUT AND WHY. On an average, each one of us use 10 products that contain controversial ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, lauryl sulphates etc., which, when absorbed by the body in miniscule amounts daily, used over a lifetime may be capable of causing allergies, skin sensitivities and rashes and more than what we know today. Skin is the largest organ of the body. Anything you put on it has the capacity to be absorbed through the pores.

The first strict criterion on our Research & Development list for LAMAV ORGANIC SKIN CARE products was to formulate our range strictly without these ingredients. We have captured this beautifully in our “FREE FROM” logo.