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We all love getting together and having fun with family and friends, whether it’s for birthday party, New Year’s Eve or just a friendly gathering. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard we try, we may have too much to drink and end up with a hangover the next day. You don’t want to add insult to injury and start the day off taking medications, right?

Here’s what tops our list of best hangover food and best natural hangover remedies. They’re easy and will work wonders towards getting you up and running naturally once again!

1. Bananas

Because of their high potassium content, bananas work great for hangovers. Few people realize that a lot of the body’s potassium is lost when we have a hangover, and bananas help replenish our potassium.

If you don’t feel like eating a whole banana, throw it in a blender and make a delicious banana shake. If you want to jumpstart your hangover, eat a banana before you go to bed.

2. Stay Hydrated

We can never hear too much about the benefits of drinking water. This is particularly true when you’ve had too much to drink. It’s important to replenish the fluids you’ve lost. Drink plenty of water.

Another good remedy is tomato juice mixed with a little sugar, lime and cayenne pepper. This mixture not only stabilizes your blood sugar but also helps to replenish your much-needed electrolytes.

3. Honey

Honey is another item that we just can’t seem to hear enough good things about. Most of us have honey in our cupboards, so you should be all set. Like bananas, honey will help replenish your potassium levels.

It also contains fructose, which will help your body utilize the alcohol. You can also mix some honey with your banana shake.

Otherwise, try taking a couple teaspoons of honey every 20 minutes until you start feeling like your old self.

4. Ginger or Ginger Root

Many don’t realize this, but ginger has been used for many years for treating seasickness and nausea – feelings similar to what we experience during a hangover. If you have ginger ale on hand, drink a glass or two.

Ginger tea is also very effective in dealing with nausea. If you happen to have ginger root on hand, throw about a dozen slices in a 4-quart pan of water. Boil it for ten minutes, strain the ginger root out and fresh squeeze an orange or lemon into the liquid, along with ½ cup of honey. Not only is this drink medicinal but it also tastes delicious.

5. Take a Wasabi Bath

Getting rid of hangover involves not only getting good stuff in our bodies but also getting rid of bad stuff, and this is what a wasabi bath will do for you. Adding just a teaspoon into your bath water can work wonders.

You might also consider buying some wasabi bath salts.

6. Take a Mustard Bath

Few people realize that mustard is great for removing toxins from your body and increasing your circulation. You don’t need to pour in your hotdog mustard into your bath, though, to get the benefits!

Add a couple teaspoons of mustard powder into your bath water and lay back and relax as you rid your body of the alcohol.

What are your tried and tested best hangover foods and hangover remedies? Have you tried any of the above?

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